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Naoaki Tashiro Last modified date:2019.06.14

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Master of Agriculture
Field of Specialization
Silviculture, Forest ecology
Outline Activities
Research activity: Studies in growth characteristics of woody plants and canopy environmental factors of them, in order to clarify the adaptivity of woody species for the environmental factors.

Educational activity: Field lecture for methods of forest survey and ecology on woody plants using the Kyushu University Forests.
Research Interests
  • Development of quantitative methods for local light environment in forest.
    keyword : light environment, forest canopy
  • The range of light environment in crown and regeneration characteristics in tree species.
    keyword : canopy structure, shade tolerance, self shading
    2001.06Relationships between regeneration characteristics and the width of local light environment in the canopy on woody species..
  • The plasticity of crown formation characteristics by local light environment in Abies sachalinensis.
    keyword : Abies sachalinensis, crown, plasticity
    1998.09The plasticity of canopy structure for local light environment in Abies sachalinensis..
  • The relationships between crown formation characteristics and adult stature in two Acer species.
    keyword : Acer, life history, canopy, plasticity
    1998.05Relationships between reproductive size and the characteristics of canopy formation in two Acer species..
Academic Activities
Other Educational Activities
  • 2007.08.
  • 2007.08.
  • 2007.07.