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Andreas Stefan Kasjan Last modified date:2021.08.10

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Academic Degree
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Psycholinguistics, Japanese-German Bilingualism, FLT, e-Learning, CALL Learning Materials
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Since the curriculum for the second foreign languages has been reduced over the last few years, FLT has to strive for a teaching method which shortens the FL learning and acquisition process. Trying to fulfil these tasks, this author's German FL-classes for Japanese studends have been oriented towards the Bilingual Method. Thus, classroom management is in principle done in the target-language, while language-related explanations are made with the aid of the learners mother-tongue.
Dialogues serve as the basis teaching materials and as scripts for role-playing. The dialogues are practised so intensivly that the learners are able to perform them offhand. After the role-plays their phrase-patterns are modified and tied into the already existing linguistic repertoire of the learners by various drills and exercises. Finally the learners write and perform their own role-plays. Thus, "Communication", "Grammar" and Composition" are the three pillars of this FLT-method.
In order to gain empirical material for documenting the learning and teaching process, the semester-exams and students questionaires, these data serve as research material to reflect and improve FLT at Japanese universities.
Research Interests
  • Language learning and cross-cultural learning during short term study trips
    keyword : Study Trips, Language Learning, Cross-Cultural Learning
  • Development of a CMS-based Web-teaching aid for FL2
    keyword : CMS, CALL
  • Development of a Web-based teaching aid for FL2
    keyword : CALL
  • Development of a second foreign language-learning utterance-module for mobile-phones
    keyword : Utterance-Module for Mobile-phones
  • Development of a Web-based multimedia German dictionary
    keyword : Multimedia Dictionary
  • Development of a Web-based Learning System for Beginner Courses of German
    keyword : CALL German
Current and Past Project
  • In order to continue the development of learning aids for the FL2 learning, the Faculty of Languages and Cultures and the State Language Institut of the Ruhr University (Germany) are planning the development LL-materials for German and Japanese FL-learners.
  • In order to continue the development of learning aids for the FL2 learning the development of multilingual CALL LL systems is planed. The planed device is for FLL of German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Russian.
  • In order to continue the development of learning aids for the second foreign language learning the development of a multilingual teaching and learning device for mobile-phones is planed. The planed device is for learning of German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Esperanto. It is aimed to turn mobile-phones into a foreign language learning device. The contend of each unite will be the same in every language. Each unite will be equipped with animated or silent pictures and voice recordings. The lines of each unite will have a length of around 30 words.
Academic Activities
1. Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.
2. Cell Phones as learning aids for Japanese FL2 Learners.
3. Developing a FLL Device for Cell Phones for Japanese FL2 Learners.
4. Andreas Stefan Kasjan, 「Research Project to develop an “Expression-Module” for Japanese Learner of a second FL: Grand in Aid for Scientific Research B」, 全国語学教育学会(JALT)の第36回年次国際大会, 2010.11.
5. Meaning conveyance, grammar, communication..
Membership in Academic Society
  • Education Society for e-Learing
  • Gesellschaft fuer Deutsche Datenverarbeitung in Japan
  • The Japan Association for Language Teaching
  • Japanische Gesellschaft fuer Germanistik Westjapan
  • Japanische Gesellschaft fuer Germanistik
Educational Activities
Elementary German Courses at the Faculty of Languages and Cultures of Kyushu-University; Voluntary German Courses at the Hakozaki branch of the Faculty of Languages and Cultures of Kyushu-University; Development of IT Learning Material for German : (; Organization of an Internship for Kyushu-University students in Germany; Exam preparation guidance and examiner for the Austrian government certified German Proficiency Test
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Professional and Outreach Activities
Exam preparation guidance and examiner for the Austrian government certified German Proficiency Test (2004-2019); Organization of an Internship for Kyushu-university students in Germany (students stay with local families and undergo a three-week internship at local enterprises or public institutions) (2004-2020).