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Masato Furuichi Last modified date:2019.06.20

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Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Radiation Safety Management
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Outline Activities
     I have been studying the molecular basis lying under the biological phenomena through the understanding of the chemical interactions of the molecules in the cell. I touched the clues of life through the handling the transcriptional promoter regions of the IGF-II of mouse and alkA gene of the E. coli. After those, I have been also involved in the analysis of the human Mth1 gene, the homologue of the E. coli mutT gene which encodes the 8-oxo-deoxyguanosine triphosphatase. This enzyme is thought to be anti-mutator because it prevents the incorporation of premutagenic 8-oxo-guanine opposite to adenine hence producing AT to CG tranversion mutation.
     I am planning to extend the nucleotide lesions from oxidized ones to other kind of lesion of which may be involved in key roles of biological signaling pathway such as cyclic-AMP. There might be interesting and general mechanisms underlying in the cellular or organic processes.
     In the last several years, I set up quantitative analysis system of 8-oxo-Guanosine and 2-OH-adenosine using LCMSMS which gives stable and reliable results compared with traditional ECD electrochemical analyzer. In this method, the preparation of the samples which can contain impurities affecting the quantification of the nucleosides easily to produce the false detection, however, mass analysis additionally added to the system gave much improved sensitivity as well as stability to the analysis results.
     Since I had a chance to move to this position for safety management of the radiation facility and education of the people for handling radioactive materials and radiation generators in April 2004, I may focus on the relationship of these nucleotide lesions and radiation in the cells. Besides, paying attention to the improvement of management of the radiation protection, much more efforts on educational activities of radioactive compound users will be taken including efforts to prevail the basic knowledge of radiology to ordinary people. Besides, I started to make English version of several Regulations or Rules concerning Radiation Protection. These materials are expected to be useful for foreign students who are going to engage in radiation related works. At the beginning of the last fiscal year, the major law on radiation protection has been mended for enhanced security guard of sealed radioisotopes with specifically large amount in activity. Now related laws and ordinances are under revision. Finally we should prepare new regulations in the facilities and the University. Although the amount of radioisotopes used for scientific research has been reduced year by year, the regulations are continued to be more strict. It may be a good time for us to reconsider if there is a good and reasonably rational way to cover the activities by researcher with proper regulations.
Research Interests
  • Laws and Acts for Radiation protection
    keyword : Education, Radiation, Safety Management, Laws and Acts
    2009.04~2019.03How to do a good management of radiological safety affairs.
  • Education and Management of Safe handdling of Radioactive compound and Radioemissioning intruments
    keyword : Education, Radiation, Safety Management
    2003.04~2019.03How to do a good management of radiological safety affairs.
  • Damage of nucleosides or nucletides bases by radiation
    keyword : radiation damage bases nucleosides nucleotides
    2003.04~2016.03Evaluation of the effect of radiation on human and animals through the measurement of oxidatively damaged bases, nucleos(t)ides.
  • Oxidatively damaged Bases, nucleosides and nucleotides, and their molecular biological effects
    keyword : Oxidative stress, nucleic acid, repair
    1997.09~2013.03Study on the forms and amounts of oxidatively damaged nucleos(t)ides in the living cells and their effects on the various metabolic pathways and their repair systems.
Academic Activities
1. Russo, M.T., Blasi, M.F., Chiera, F., Fortini, P., Degan, P., Macpherson, P., Furuichi, M., Nakabeppu,Y., Karran, P., Aquilina, G. and Bignami, M., The Oxidized Deoxynucleoside Triphosphate Pool Is a Significant Contributor to Genetic Instability in Mismatch Repair-Deficient Cells., Mol. Cell. Biol., 10.1128/MCB.24.1.465-474.2004, 24, 1, 465-474, 24(1), 465-474, 2004.01.
2. Tsuruya T, Furuichi M, Tominaga Y, Shinozaki M, Tokumoto M, Yoshimitsu T, Fukuda K, Kanai H, Hirakata H, Iida M & Nakabeppu Y, Accumulation of 8-oxoguanine in the cellular DNA and the alteration of the OGG1 expression during ischemia-reperfusion injury in the rat kidney., DNA Repair, 10.1016/S1568-7864(02)00214-8, 2, 2, 211-229, 2(2):211-229, 2003.01.
3. Sakumi K, Tominaga Y, Furuichi M, Xu P, Tsuzuki T, Sekiguchi M, Nakabeppu Y:, Ogg1 knockout-associated lung tumorigenesis and its suppression by Mth1 gene disruption., Cancer Res, 63, 5, 902-905, 63(5):902-905, 2003.01.
4. Yoshimura, D, Sakumi, K, Ohno, M, Sakai, Y, Furuichi, M, Iwai, S, and Nakabeppu, Y., An oxidized purine nucleoside triphosphatase, MTH1, suppresses cell death caused by oxidative stress., J Biol Chem, 278:37965-37973, 2003.01.
5. Sakai Y, Furuichi M, Takahashi M, Mishima M, Iwai S, Shirakawa M, Nakabeppu Y, A molecular basis for the selective recognition of 2-hydroxy-dATP and 8-oxo-dGTP by human MTH1., J Biol Chem, 10.1074/jbc.M110566200, 277, 10, 8579-8587, 277(10):8579-8587, 2002.01.
6. Nakabeppu Y, Tominaga Y, Tsuchimoto D, Ide Y, Hirano S, Sakai Y, Sakumi S, and Furuichi M, Mechanisms Protecting Genomic Integrity from Damage Caused by Reactive Oxygen Species: Implication for Carcinogenesis and Neurodegeneration., Environ Mutagen Res, 23:197-209, 2001.01.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Genetics Society of Japan
  • The Japan Radiation Research Society
  • Japan Society of Radiation Safety Management
  • The Association of Radiational Facilities
  • Japan Radoisotope Association
Educational Activities
Basic course on Radiation Safety for people without experience
Annual Refresher Course on Radiation Protection
How to use Medical Campus facility of Radioisotope Center
Faculty of Pharmaceutical. "Basic training course for handling radioactive materials" (trainer in part)
Faculty of Medicine. "Radiation Protection for Medical Staffs" (Lecturer in part)
Professional and Outreach Activities
Association for improvement of the radiation protection system for workers with Kongo company in Kumamoto city from 4, 2011 to 2013.3.
Instructor of "Educational training for Radiation workers" promoted by Japan Radioisotope Association, on May 2006, at Fukuoka city.