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Masahiko Nakamura Last modified date:2020.06.01

Graduate School

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Academic Degree
D. Eng.
Field of Specialization
Ocean Engineering
Research Interests
  • Dynamics and control of towed vehicle for ocean measurement
    keyword : towed vehicle, dynamics, control, ocean measurement
    1985.04A towed vehicle system, FLYING FISH, is under developing of use in making chemical and physical measurements with enable us to obtain specially continuous and real time data of current velocities, salinity, water temperature, dissolved O2, CO2, pH, chrolophill in an ocean mixed layer. The heave, pitch and roll of FLYING FISH are controlled by a main wing and horizontal tail wings which permit its stable attitudes and assure accurate measurements. The LQI-, H∞- and Gain scheduled-controller were designed, and the numerical simulation and field experiments were carried out. The picture shows the field experiment in Japan Sea.
  • Dynamics and control of AUV for ocean measurement
    keyword : dynamics, conrol, AUV, ocean measurement
    1990.04Diving Beetle can be operated both as semi-long distance cruising underwater vehicle and a position controlled vehicle such as an ROV. The vehicle has 6 thrusters and horizontal tail Wings to control its cause and position..
  • Dynamic positioning system of floating structure
    keyword : DPS, control, floating structure
    1994.04Offshore floating platforms are required to maintain its position within a given watch circle and to rectify this position under external forces of ocean current, wind and waves. A dynamic positioning system using thrusters is generally employed for this. In this system, it should be noted that motions caused by the linear wave exciting force are added to the drifting of the platform, the enormous amount of power is needed to resist the wave frequency motion and, in any event, this motion need not be controlled because of its small amplitude. Therefore, the objects of the controller are to control its position using thruster activity that do not respond to linear wave force.  Based on a rotation matrix in yaw, a linear model with four vertices was introduced. The problem was formulated in a framework of multi-model based design of H∞ control law with pole region constraint. LMI (linear matrix inequality)-based methodology was used to solve the problem. In another approach, a Neural Network Controller is designed. The picture shows and experiment in our ocean engineering tank(Length 65m, Breadth 5m, Depth 7m).
  • Mooring of ocena platform
    keyword : mooring, buoy, ocean platform
    2000.04A new wave monitoring system"Compass" is developing to meet a need for measuring waves with good accuracy on floating structures such as large buoys, semi-submersible oil rigs and platforms operating in the ocean. In this system, the heaving response function of the floating structures is used to get the time history date and power spectrum of ocean waves. The first system is operating 40km off Iriomote Island of Okinawa..
  • Dynamics and control of ROV
    keyword : dynamics, control, ROV
    1990.04An ROV developed for investigations of the sea bottom over a wide area can be operated both as a towed and a self-propulsive vehicle. Called DELTA, the shape is similar to that of a delta wing airplane. The vehicle has two-propellers and weight shift apparatus as actuators. The trim balance of DELTA can be achieved by weight shifting and direction is controlled by the thrust difference between the two propellers. The depth is altered by the trim angle and the forward speed, and course is adjusted by a direction control with the forward speed. The restoring torque caused by a combination of buoyancy and gravity force is expected to control roll. DELTA had roll, pitch and depth sensors to measure its attitudes. Length of the vehicles is 1.13m, displacement is 0.0525m3 and weight in the air is 54.7kg.  DELTA is being remodeled from an ROV to a non-tethered AUV..
  • Study on visual-feedback
    keyword : visual-feedback
  • Dynamics and control of long flexible pipe
    keyword : long flexible pipe, dynamics, control
  • Study on underwater glider for virtual mooring
    keyword : underwater glider, virtual mooring, dynamics, control
  • Study on automatic mooring system for ship
    keyword : ship, mooring, control, winch
  • Reconstruction of plesiosaur flippers and underweater behavior
    keyword : plesiosaur, dynamics
  • Carbon dioxicde Capture and Strage (CCS)
    keyword : CO2, Capture, Strage
Academic Activities
1. M.Nakamura, T.Hyakudome, Motion simulations of AUV “YUMEIRUKA” with X-rudder, Proc. of the 29th Int. Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, 1, 1532-1539, 2019.06.
2. M.Nakamura, J.Noda, H.Kajiwara and Y.Shinkai, Study of Influence of Vertical Tail Wing of Disk-Type Underwater Glider on Motion Control, Proc. of the 28th Int. Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 2, 417-424, 2018.06.
3. M.Nakamura, W.Koterayama, Y.Ito, T.Matsuno, J.Noda, Y.Morii, N.Yamawaki and K.Shimizu, Oceanographic Observation by Disk Type Underwater Glider for Virtual Mooring, Proc. of the 27th Int. Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 2, 342-349, 2017.06.
4. M.Nakamura, K.Nakamura, J.Noda and K.Matsuoka, Model Experiments on Depth and Motion Control of Deep Tow System, Proc. of the 26th Int. Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 2, 644-651, 2016.06.
5. K.Asakawa, M.Nakamura, T.Hyakudome and Y.Ishihara, Sea Trials of an Underwater Glider for Long-term Virtual Mooring, Proc. of the 26th Int. Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 2, 585-589, 2016.06.
6. K.Asakawa, K.Watari, H.Ohuchi, Masahiko Nakamura, T.Hyakudome, Y.Ishihara, Buoyancy engine developed for underwater gliders, Advanced Robotics, 1, 30, 41-49, 2016.01.
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13. M.Nakamura, W.Koterayama, M.Inada, K.Marubayashi, T.Hyodo, H.Yoshimura and Y.Morii, Disk Type Underwater Glider for Virtual Mooring and Field Experiment

, Int. Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering, Vol.19, No.1, pp.66-70, 2009.03.
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Membership in Academic Society
  • The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean engineers
  • SICE
  • The International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers
  • Development of Unique Underwater Glider
  • Development of Disk Type Underwater Glider for Virtual Mooring (Part1 ~ 3)
  • In recognition of his outstanding technical achievements and exceptional contribution to floating-bodey and underwater hydrodynamics.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2008.04.