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Mitsugu Todo Last modified date:2021.06.17

Associate Professor / Renewable Energy Center / Research Institute for Applied Mechanics

1. Mohammad Shariful Islam, Mohammad Abdulla-Al-Mamun, Alam Khan, Mitsugu Todo, Excellency of Hydroxyapatite Composite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.92900, 2020.07, [URL].
2. T. Arahira, M. Todo, Materials for Biomedical Engineering: Hydrogels and Polymer-based Scaffolds, Elsevier, 371-398, 2019.08.
3. Mitsugu TODO, Hydrated Materials: Applications in Biomedicine and the Environment, 2.1 Mechanics of Materials, 2015.05.
4. MItsugu Todo, Tetsuo Takayama, Biomaterials - Physics and Chemistry -, Chapter 19 : Fracture mechanisms of biodegradable PLA and PLA/PCL blends, In Tech Co., 2011.10.