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Itsushi Uno Last modified date:2019.12.24

Professor / Research Institute for Applied Mechanics Global Environmental Dynamics
Division of Earth Environment Dynamics
Research Institute for Applied Mechanics

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Home page of Atmospheric Dynamics Division of Research Institute for Applied Mechanics .
Academic Degree
Dr. Eng.
Field of Specialization
Environmental Meteorology, Chemical Transport, Modeling
Outline Activities
Applied and Ennviromental Meteorology
Research Interests
  • Asian scale meteorology and pollutant transport studies
    keyword : Chemical transport, Asia, Simulation
    1996.04NUmeircal Simulation of Regional Meteorology and Chemical Transport over Asia.
  • Asian dust emission and transport studies
    keyword : Yellow sand
    1998.04A Study on the Yellow Dust emission and transport over Asia.
  • Study on the atmospheric boundary layer structure based on meso-scale model
    keyword : meteorological model, atmospheric boundary layer
    1998.04~2002.03A study on the structure of Atmospheric Boundary Layer based on the regional meteorological model.
Academic Activities
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Educational Activities
Atmospheric Environment Modeling 1
Atmospheric Environment Modeling Seminar
Professional and Outreach Activities
Comittee member of photochemical Ox long term veriation of Ministry of Environment

Comittee member of acid deposition of Ministry of Environment.