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List of Presentations
Masahiro Irie Last modified date:2021.06.13

Associate Professor / Counseling and Health Center

1. Changes in salivary alpha-amylase activity after entering a company.
2. Changes in working environments and occupational mental health.
3. Why does the drug abuse of the university student increase?.
4. Fundamental evaluation of salivary alpha-amylase response during psychological stress.
5. Recent approaches to cope with overworkload.
6. The realities and evaluation of occupational health.
7. Formation of 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine due to sunburn and its prevention by sunscreen.
8. Oxidative DNA damage as a possible biomarker of cancer risk in patients with depression.
9. Bio-psycho-socio-ecological risk factors for Legionella infection among Japanese 24-hour hot water bath users and non-users: a 3-year longitudinal study.
10. Role of effort-reward imbalance and social support on depressive state in Japanese male workers.
11. Occupational and lifestyle factors and oxidative DNA damage.
12. Health Psychology: Communication.
13. Bio-psycho-socio-ecological study for Legionella infection among Japanese 24-hour hot water bath users.
14. Occupational stress from the standpoint of clinical psychosomatic medicine.
15. Occupational and lifestyle factors and urinary 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine.
16. Usefulness of oxidative DNA damage in the research field of psychosomatics.
17. Effort-reward imbalance and health in workers in the period of economic revolution.
18. Urinary 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine level as a marker of health status of workers.
19. Effect of occupational stress on health -From the standpoint of effort-reward imbalance-.
20. Effort-reward imbalance and health status (part I): analysis on physical health.
21. Effort-reward imbalance and comprehensive health in workers.
22. Psychological and pccupational stress and oxidative DNA damage.
23. Psychological stress and cancer risk due to oxidative DNA damage (II) Sex difference in workers.