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Hiroyuki Kanekiyo Last modified date:2020.10.12

Professor / Landscape and Social Environmental Design / Department of Environmental Design / Faculty of Design

1. Planning Requirements to Assist Cycle Tourists Accessibility to Tourism Resources in Urban Area.
2. The Effectiveness and Attracting Requirements of People’s Walking Activities to River Side Places upon the Characteristics of People’s Perception of River Front Landscape.
3. Recognizing the Subjective to Redevelop Urban Parks and Ecological Networks from the view of People’s Perception to Wild Birds.
4. Recognizing the Effectiveness and Planning Requirements of Waterfront Area from the View of Tourist’s Excursion Behavior in Urban Tourism.
5. Basic Planning Categories for Chinampa Conservation from the View of Local Agricultural Diversity in Mexico City.
6. The Changes of Seashore and Riverside Landscape in Ishinomaki City after the Tohoku Tsunami.