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Hiroyuki Kanekiyo Last modified date:2023.02.01

Professor / Landscape and Social Environmental Design
Department of Environmental Design
Faculty of Design

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Field of Specialization
Landscape Management, Landscape Planning and Disign
Outline Activities
The principal objective is to establish the planning approach of open space systems for improving the urban or rural landscape based upon a people’s behavior and the characteristics of living environments.
A people’s behavior will be investigated from the view of the environmental perception and accessibility to the open spaces and landscape elements. Also the position effectiveness of the landscape resources to the living environments will be studied based on the inter-relations between them.
The results or the experiences on some case studies in the actual fields will be presented in the class lectures (Landscape Architecture, etc.) and the Landscape Project.
Research Interests
  • The Planning Approach for Establishing the Landscape Identities based upon Living Environments
    *Streetscape in sight seeing area
    *Planning approach for open space systems including water front in urban and natural area
    *Landscaping characteristics based on people's gardening activities
    *Rural landscape conservation
    keyword : Landscape Architecture, Amenity, Human Behavior, Natural Landscape, Urban Landscape, Rural Landscape, Open Space
Academic Activities
1. Green amenity on an expressway(3),Green movement,Vol.63,No.3,express highway research foundation of Japan,2020.03.
2. Green amenity on an expressway(2),Green movement,Vol.63,No.2,express highway research foundation of Japan,2020.02.
3. Green amenity on an expressway(1),Green movement,Vol.63,No.1,express highway research foundation of Japan,2020.01.
1. Biodiversity and appreciation from the perspective of local residents with regards to 30-year-old expressway forests.
2. Evaluation of management plan in a forest on man-made filled slopes along Oita Expressway.
3. The validation of traditional knowledge to harvest sustainably the Udono reed materials for rozetsu of
4. The Field Study of Forestation on Man-made filled slopes along Nagasaki Expressway.
5. Asahiro Kazuo, Masakazu Tani, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Support for Farmland Restoration Through Mutual Assistance After Flood Disasters in Hilly and Mountainous Areas -Cases of the Cities of Yame and Ukiha Affected by the Torrential Rainfall in Northern Kyushu in July 2012, Journal of Disaster Research, 5, 10, 794-805, 2015.10.
6. The Planning Requirements for Prevailing Small Hydropower in Hilly and Mountainous Regions.
7. The planning requirements of public parks that support satisfactory farming experiences in Kanatake
district, Fukuoka City.
8. Research into the distribution of damage to farmland in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, from the heavy
rains in the northern part of Kyushu in 2012, and difficulties for the recovery.
9. Limin shao, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Research into Liyuan Buildings, the Spatial Composition of Liyuan Blocks and Liyuan Residents’ Lifestyles in Quindao, China, Art and Design Review, 1, 1, 6-9, 2013.08.
10. Jairo Reyes Plata, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, The Conflicts of the Land-Use Policy for the Effective Conservation of Chinampa Agricultural Diversity in Mexico City, The International Federation of Landscape Architects, 142-152, 2013.04.
11. Limin Shao, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Research into Liyuan Buildings, the Spatial Composition of Liyuan Blocks and Liyuan Residents’ Lifestyles in Qingdao, China, The 9th International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia, G-2-3, pp.6, CD, 2012.10.
12. Limin Shao, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, The Characteristics of Liyuan Block and Study on the Protection and Activation Conditions of Liyuan Block from the Perspective of Local Resident Awareness, The 9th International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia, B-3-2, pp.6, CD, 2012.10.
13. Limin Shao, Luan Luan, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Discussion of Consensus-type Method in Landscape Design and Planning – Example: Wetland Eco-tourism Resort in North of Ji’nan in China, The 13th International Symposium of Landscape Architecture, Korea, China, and Japan, 185-189, 2012.09.
14. Jairo Reyes, Toshiki Miyahara, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, The Characteristics and Problems of City Planning Practices for Conserving Chinamperia in Mexico City, The 13th International Symposium of Landscape Architecture, Korea, China, and Japan, 114-119, 2012.09.
15. Toshiki Miyahara, Seiji Manago, Jairo Reyes, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Study on the Planning Requirements for Diversification of Hot Spring Resources in Kyushu’s Hot Spring Areas, Japan, The 13th International Symposium of Landscape Architecture, Korea, China, and Japan, 108-113, 2012.09.
16. Takahisa YAMAMOTO, Jairo REYES, Hiroyjki KANEKIYO, Research on Environmental Conservation and Tourism Resources of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, The 12th International Landscape Architectural Symposium of Japan, China, Korea, Journal of Landscape Architecture in Asia, 5, pp.124-129, 2010.10.
17. Requirements for Bamboo Utilization bu Local Residents to Promote Regional Landscape Conservation.
18. Research on the Coast in Kyushu Area Aimed at the Large Scale Landscape.
19. Establishing Regional Types for Rural Landscape Conservation on the Basis of Utilization of Bamboo Stands.
20. Evaluation of Space Composition Based on Possibility of Landscape Regeneration in Hakata Port.
21. The Identity of Eight Spots in Bonotsu and the Basic Requirements for Revitalization.
22. Relationships between Living Environments and People's Behavior with Walking around in Urban Area.
23. The Necessity for Conservation Plan of the Impressive Natural Landscape in the Coast in GENKAI Quasi-National Park.
24. Rquirements for Developing Bay-side Open Spaces Based on the Behavior of People from Neighboring and Remote Areas.
25. A Basic Study to Recognize the Relationship between Parks and its Surroundings in three Yrban Areas of Different Characteristics.
26. An Approach to Planning a Bycycle-firendly Environment based upon Behavioral Studies of its Users.
27. An Evaluation of Urban Forests Conservation and Utilization.
28. A Fundamental Study for the Establishment of Landscape Program Criteria for Site Planning in Various Landscape Residential Areas.
Works, Software and Database
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4. Research into the Protection and Use of Liyuan District (Liyuan is a historical and cultural protected area in Qingdao, China) from the Perspective of Local Resident Awareness Perspective of Local Resident Awareness.
5. Research into Liyuan Buildings,Spatial Composition of Liyuan Blocks and Liyuan Resident's Living in Qingdao, China.
6. Discussion of Consensus-type Method in Landscape Design and Planning-Example: wetland eco-tourism district in west of Jinan in China
7. Planning Approach for Sustainable Landscape Based upon People’s Living Environment.
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