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Academic Degree
Doctor (Design)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Graphic Design
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Study on Universal Design Fonts through experiments
    keyword : UD fonts
  • Study on history, design, and theory of Information Design in the 20 century
    keyword : Information deisgn history
  • Study on information graphics, in particular map design
    keyword : Information design, graphic design, map design
  • Study on a history of standardization of graphic symbols
    keyword : Graphic symobls, Information Design, Design History
  • Study on Otto Neurath and Isotype
    keyword : Otto Neurath, Isotype, Information Design, Design History
  • Historical study on the relationship of graphic design and the information organization movement in the German speaking counrty
    keyword : Information organization movement, 20 c., graphic design
  • Study on graphic design based on the social semantics
    keyword : Social semiotics, graphic design
Academic Activities
1. Christopher Burke, Eric Kindel, Sue Walker, Benjamin Benus, Hisayasu Ihara, Robin Kinross, ISOTYPE: Design and Contexts, 1925-1971, Hyphen Press, 2013.12, [URL].
2. Hisayasu Ihara,,'Graphic Design 1930: Print, Photography, Typography, Isotype', Tokyo, 10. 2007..
3. Hisayasu Ihara, 'Representation of the World; Otto Neurath and his era' Musashino Art University Museum and Library. 9. 2007..
4. Toru Koga, Noriko Ashikawa, Shinichi Ishimura, Hisayasu Ihara, 'Design in Germany and Austria', Kyushu Institute of Design, 2003, 4.
5. Design History Forum Osaka University (eds.), 'A history of Japanese and Western design : exchange and influence', 2001.
1. Echoes arising from texts of Jan Tshichold and Hiromu Hara, Emil Ruder and Keinosuke Sato.
1. Rachapoom Punsongserm, Shoji Sunaga, Hisayasu Ihara, Effectiveness of homologous Thai letterforms presented in parafoveal vision, Information Design Journal, 24, 2, 92-115, 2018.12.
2. Influence of Isotype on graphic design in Japan in the 1960s.
3. Hisayasu Ihara, RUDOLF MODLEY’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE STANDARDIZATION OF GRAPHIC SYMBOLS, Proceedings of IASDR 2011, the 4th world conference on design research, 31 October – 4 November 2011, Delft, The Netherlands, 2011.10.
4. Yung-Chun Lin, Hisayasu Ihara, The Visual Design of Science Picture Books, Proceedings of IASDR2009, CD-ROM, n.p., 2009.10.
5. Hisayasu Ihara, Rigor and Relevance in the International Picture Language Rudolf Modley’s Criticism against Otto Neurath and his Activity in the Context of the Rise of the “Americanization of Neurath method”, Proceedings of IASDR2009, CD-ROM, n.p., 2009.10.
6. Hisayasu Ihara, Otto Neurath's Atlas "Society and Economy": Design, Contents, and Context, Proceedings of IASDR2007, CD-ROM, 2007.11.
7. 'Herbert Bayer's book typography: the development of concept 'horizontal order' in the 1930s', design NET, 2006.9.
8. Hisayasu, Ihara, 'Formating Paper Media: Historical Study on the Project of Standardization for Paper Format in Germany 1903-28', TAKEO Prize 2004, pp.9-29.
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10. Hisayasu Ihara, 'Physiognomic Elements of Isotype', Design Research, 1999,No.21, pp.29-34.
Works, Software and Database
1. Design for Bus Stops Information.
2. .
3. Design for Bus Stops Information: Signs and pamphlet.
4. .
5. .
6. .
7. .
8. .
9. .
10. .
11. .
12. .
13. Poster Work "People in Kyushu", Kyushu Graphic Design biennalle Exhibition 2004.
14. Poster Work "Present", Kyushu Graphic Designers Club Exhibition 2003.
15. .
16. .
17. Hisayasu Ihara, Poster Work "Past - Future", International Poster Exhibition, The Japan Foundation Japan Cultural Center, Seoul, Nobember, 2002.
18. CG Work "View", The 17th Asian International Art Exhibition, Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, Korea, August, 2002.
19. Design for the Publicities of "Asia Digital Art Awards 2002".
20. .
21. .
22. .
23. .
24. CG Art Work "Trash-composition 9801", the 13th Asian International Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Kualalumpur Malaysia, November, 1998.
1. Movement for the Standardization of Graphic Symbols after ISOTYPE: with the special reference to the "Symbol Project"
undertaken by Rudolf Modley, Marie Neurath, and Henry Dreyfuss.
2. The design of page sequences in science picture book.
3. The Visual Design of Science Picture Books.
4. Rigor and Relevance in the International Picture Language: Rudolf Modley’s Criticism against Otto Neurath and his Activity in
the Context of the Rise of the “Americanization of Neurath Method”.
5. The Activity of "Die Brücke" and Graphic Design .
6. Hisayasu Ihara :Otto Neurath's Atlas "Society and Economy": Design, contents, and context.
  • Good Design Awards 2010
Other Educational Activities
  • 2005.11.
  • 2004.09.