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List of Presentations
Kondo Kayoko Last modified date:2024.06.03

Professor / Department of Design Futures / Faculty of Design

1. Yuriko Hayabuchi, Youyou Hou, Kayoko Kondo, Study on public environmental awareness and behaviour towards regional

plastic circulation: the case of Kurume City, The 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management, 2024.03.
2. Mikiko Tokiya, Kayoko Kondo, Chikako Kiyohara, Sachiko Hojo, 'A study on the relationship between physical symptoms and behavioral characteristics and domestic environmental factors in elementary school students', The Society of Indoor Environment, Japan: 2019 Annual Meeting, Okinawa JICHIKAIKAN-Hall JAPAN, 6 December 2019..
3. Yi-Fan Bi, Kayoko Kondo, An Analysis of Citizens' Cooperative Behaviors in the Development of Self-reliant and Decentralized Energy Network, CASNIC 2019 (College of Asian Scholars: The 7th National and International Conference 2019), 2019.11.
4. Yu-Lin Chen, Kayoko Kondo, Wan-Yu Shih, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Leslie Mabon, Yi-Fan Bi, Green Infrastructure and Public Behaviours in Response to Urban Heat in Fukuoka, Japan, Global Land Programme 2018 Asia Conference: Transitioning to Sustainable Development of Land Systems through Teleconnections and Telecouplings, 2018.09.
5. Yu-Lin Chen, Kayoko Kondo, Leslie Mabon, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Wan-Yu Shih, Yi-Fan Bi, 'A Conflict of Air Conditioner Uses Between Mitigation Behavior and Adaptation Behavior, the Role of Utilizing Green Spaces and Cool-Sharing', Society of Environmental Science: Conference 2018, Tokyo JAPAN, 11 September 2018..
6. Chen-Lang Wang, Kayoko Kondo, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Tomo Inoue, Takaaki Kato, Yi-Fan Bi, 'Staying Places and the Energy-Saving Effect in Vietnam Housing', Japan Association on the Environmental Studies: The 44th Workshop, Mie University JAPAN, 24th June 2018..
7. Yu-Lin Chen, Kayoko Kondo, Wan-Yu Shih, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Leslie Mabon, 'A Conflict Between Mitigation Behaviors and Adaptation Behaviors in Growing Heat Island Problem, and Promoting Factors of the Behaviors: From Fukuoka Civil Survey', Japan Association on the Environmental Studies: The 44th Workshop, Mie University JAPAN, 24 June 2018..
8. Leslie Mabon, Kayoko Kondo, Hiroyuki Kanekiyo, Yuriko Hayabuchi, Governing Extreme Weather in Fukuoka City, Japan: guided by climate science, driven by environmental history?, ASIAN EXTREMES: CLIMATE, METEOROLOGY AND DISASTER IN HISTORY, ORGANISED BY ASIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE, 2018.05.
9. Yuxue Zhang, Kayoko Kondo, A Study on House Style and Low-carbon Life Style in Rural of Thailand, CASNIC 2016 (College of Asian Scholars: The 4th National and International Conference 2016), 2016.10.
10. Ikuyo Kikusawa, Kayoko Kondo, Designing Autonomous Communities in Suburbs of Japan, International Conference on Sustainable Development 4th ICSD 2016, 2016.09.
11. Kayoko Kondo, Zhan Yuxue, Recycle System of Food Waste in Japan, CASNIC 2015 (College of Asian Scholars: The 3rd National and International Conference 2015), 2015.09.
12. Ami Kudo, Kayoko Kondo, Zhang Yuxue, Yasushi Matsufuji, LCA of Business-related Food waste Recycling System on Consideration of Cover Material and Company’s Collaboration to Segregating Food Waste, The 2nd 3R international Scientific Conference, 2015.05.
13. Environmental and Economic Evaluation for Recycling System of Urban Garbage Based on
Long Term Consideration.
14. Multiple Evaluation of Woody Biomass Utilization by Using a Biomass Acconunting Form.
15. The survey of the heating energy consumption in northeast rural area of China
Viewing the usage of ‘Kang’ and agriculture waste.
16. Kayoko Kondo, Lifestyle and Energy Consumption in China, International Symposium on Low Carbon Environmental Designand Lifestyle suited to Climate and Culture, 2013.03.
17. Yinan Chen, TETSUO HAYASHI, Kayoko Kondo, KOJI NOMURA, Energy use of Residential Buildings in China, Part 2 Nanjin City, The Yellow Sea Rim International Exchange Meeting on Building Environment and Energy, 2013.01.
18. Aquisition and Use of Local Network for Business Stabilization of Non Profit Organization,KAWASAKI Yohei, KONDO Kayoko, Architectural Institute of Japan, Kagoshima University, March 2011.
19. Study on Urbanization and Lifestyle Change in Asia due to Economic Development:Based on the Survey in Dalian, China,MATSUMOTO Miho, KONDO Kayoko, Architectural Institute of Japan, Kagoshima University, Japan, 2011.
20. Rural Development through bio gas digester,KONDO Kayoko, International Workshop on Local Initiatives towards Low Carbon Asia, Kitakyushu, March 2011.
21. Examination on the Deployment of Afforestation in Dalian, China,YAMAKITA Yurina, TANIGUCHI Mizuki, KONDO Kayoko et al., Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture, 2010.11.
22. Experience in Actual Life and Environmental Consciousness, KONDO Kayoko, 530 Study Group, Fukuoka, 2010.
23. Household eco-consciousness and lifestyle in Japan and China, KONDO Kayoko, Global Environment Research Fund under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, Japan Development of a low-carbon society in collaboration with Asian cities, Fukuoka, 2010.
24. Study on the Method of Environmental Information Display of Pro-Environmental Goods on Online Stores, KONDO Kayoko, HAN Youngjin, Center for Environmental Information Science, Tokyo, 2009 .
25. Importance of local residents' community for recovery from earthquake disaster: from the survey of Genkai Island, KONDO Kayoko, Kumamoto, October 2009.
26. Consideration of Recovery from Earthquakes from the Viewpoint of Community Characterestics: Reconsider the case of Genkai Island Earthquake, KONDO Kayoko,Architectural Institute of Japan, Kyushu University, September 2010.
27. A report on consumer investigation of subsidy system for the spread of solar power generation.
28. A study on the ideal method of the earthquake revival in the fishing village community -- A case study on residence evaluation of Genkai Island.
29. A study on the tendency to immigrate into rural areas by urban young people.
30. Between fast life and slow life, KONDO Kayoko, Japan Society for Design Engineering, Fukuoka, June 2008.
31. A consumer research study about energy-saving reform of existing houses.
32. A study on the factor of residence selection with elderly in suburban detached housing area -- A case study on Hiranodai area in Onojo City.
33. A study on the environmental information display on the online stores: based on a questionnaire survey to online retailers and consumers.
34. Consumers' behavioral characteristic on the online stores.
35. A study for empowerment of citizens to form sustainable society in urban area -- A case study of Tenjinyama area in Kasuga City Fukuoka Prefecture.
36. About a local activation effect and future prospects of interchange of city and firm village in Oki Town Fukuoka Prefecture -- from a view point of ecotourism.
37. Development of suitable instrument for production and consumption by themselves, which gives priority to being "easy to use" of a cardboard compost.
38. LCA on the regional management system of the garbage.
39. An investigation of economic efficiency in recycling garbage.
40. A cause of promotion for compost activity and a change of behavior by compost activity -- from the test research.
41. An analysis of the particitants' consciousness in cardboard compost project in urban area .
42. A study on the environmental imformation display and future possibilities on the online stores.
43. About an economic valuation of the method for recycling garbage.
44. A study on the role of drinking green tea from a view point of communication.
45. A study on the environmental information display of the environmental products on the online stores.
46. A survey of residents’ attitude about the biomass power generation and the farmland reduction of the by-product compost.
47. The relation between the residents' opinion on the Kurume last disposal place problem, and their behavior and mind of reducing garbage.
48. On the influence of spare time and life habits on environmentally conscious behavior: the practical knowledge and practical action.
49. On the subject to spread 'the domestic wood material in housing'; based on a questionnaire survey to the construction companies and consumers in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Miyazaki.
50. The life time and life experience of sexes, their environmental conscious behaviors and the relation of them..
51. The course of policies for formation of recycle based society from a view point of consumers' behaviors.
52. The differences of environmental consciousness between incinerating households and composting households.
53. Waste policies and inhabitants' consciousness.
54. On the charge system and collecting system of waste, and inhabitants' consciousness about reducing waste and preserving environment.
55. Francis Hutcheson's Utilitarianism and Politics and John Locke.
56. A historical consideration on people's self-determination about politics.
57. Consistency of 'the Principle of population' and 'the Principle'.
58. The structure of Malthus 'the Principle of population' and 'the Principle of political economy'.
59. The economy and the politics of Bentham.