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Shoji Sunaga Last modified date:2023.06.26

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Color and Visual Sciences
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Investigation of Visual Information Processing
Research Interests
  • Design of inclusive mechanism for color vision variation based on color science
    keyword : diversity of color vision
    2021.04Examination of chromatic diversity in the natiral scene.
  • Color mechanism of dichromats and its application to color universal design
    keyword : dichromats, color universal design
    2005.04Examination of chromatic diversity in the natiral scene.
  • Examination of chromatic diversity in the natural scene
    keyword : multicolored envrinment, chromatic diversity
    2005.04Examination of chromatic diversity in the natiral scene.
  • color conspicuousness in multicolored environment
    keyword : multicolored environment, color conspicuous
    2002.04Investigation of factors od color conspicousness in natural scene.
  • global color impression of the multicolored textured pattern
    keyword : multicolored textured pattern, global color impression
    2000.03Evaluation of a Single Color Impression from Multi-colored Texture Patterns.
  • color perception in dichromats in multicolroed environment
    keyword : dichriomats
  • Investigatiion of the luminance channel and the chromatic channel in early visiual processing
    keyword : luminance channel, chromatic channel
    1997.04Examination of Luminance Channel and Chromatic Channel in the Visual System.
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