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Masakazu Tani Last modified date:2022.06.20

Professor / Landscape and Social Environmental Design
Department of Environmental Design
Faculty of Design

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Director of the Center for Designed Futures of Kyushu University

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environmental anthropology
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Outline Activities
As primary research activities, I have been conducting surveys in rural villages suffered from groundwater arsenic contamination in Bangladesh in order to understand the type of population who surffers most, and cultural customs and social organization for inplementing mitigagtion measures. I have been conducting similar research activities in Nepal since 2004, and in China and the Mekong Delta Area (Vietnam & Cambodia) since 2007. A project on Rohingya refugees from Myanmar to the Teknaf Peninsula, Bangladesh was started in 2018.
My educational activities mainly focus on courses including environemtnal anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, field research methods, and I also advise students in seminars in research on sociocultural factors involved in human behavior.
As a social activity, I join NPO Asia Arsenic Network and work on awareness and mitigation for arsenic contamination in Asia. I also serve as project manager for two JICA Grass-root assistance projects in Bangladesh and in Nepal.
Research Interests
  • The impacts of the influxes of Rohingya refugees on host communities and natural environment in Bangladesh
    keyword : Rohingya refugees Bangladesh Teknaf Peninsula
  • The relationship between deforestation and poverty
    keyword : deforestation poverty Bangladesh
  • Steel Beam Archaeology for building design histories in developing countries
    keyword : Bangladesh, vernacular architecture, clusters of traditional buildings
  • Study of the potential of historical environmental design in developing countries
    keyword : Bangladesh, vernacular architecture, clusters of traditional buildings
  • The study of political ecology on the relationship between poverty and deforestation in Teknaf Peninsula, Bangladesh
    keyword : poverty, refugees, deforestation
  • The study of designing the sphere of living environment in the shrinking society
    keyword : disappearing community, mountain area, sphere of living environment
  • The study of biodiversity management by using a Satoyama model in the Teknaf Peninsula, Bangladesh
    keyword : biodiveristy poverty tourism
  • The relationship between health damage caused by groundwater arsenic contamination and the poverty in Asia
    keyword : dirnking water; arsenic contamination; arsenicosis; poverty
  • Groundwater arsenic contamination in the Terai Plain in Nepal
    keyword : Neapl Terai arsenic contamination
    2003.11Recently, groundwater contamination by arsenic has been identified in Tarai Plains in Nepal. We gather information on the distribution of contamination, and select a model village where we will conduct a village survey to access the needs for alternative water sources..
  • Groundwater arsenic contamination in Bangladesh
    keyword : Bangladesh arsenic village survey
    1998.02On the problem of groundwater arsenic contamination in Bangladesh, we started a village survey in 1998, and continue its research from cultural anthropological perspectives in order to reflect the sociocultural understanding of rural villages in mitigation planning and to include local knowledge and customs in those mitigation measures..
  • A social model building for the formation of the sustainable society
    keyword : sustainable society; linkage between the rural and urban areas; solid waste
  • Resource production and consumption in the San-nai Maruya site
    keyword : San-nai Maruyama; Jomon; ecosystem; resource production; consumption
Academic Activities
1. Masakazu Tani, M. Abiar Rahman, Deforestation in the Teknaf Peninsula of Bangladesh
A study of political ecology
, Springer Singapore, 10.1007/978-981-10-5475-4, 2017.07, This book presents a political ecology study on deforestation in the Teknaf Peninsula of Bangladesh. The study's aim was to elucidate social factors contributing to processes of deforestation, including poverty, migration of refugees, forest encroachment, and power relations entailed in forest management. The individual analyses presented in the book are entirely based on primary information obtained through original field work conducted over a period of 7 years, and on remote sensing using satellite imagery and GIS techniques. The second half of the book considers reforestation approaches such as social and homestead forestry that have wider applications within developing countries..
2. The Life in Villages and Arsenic Contamination: from rural villages in Bangladesh.
3. W. Longacre, J. Skibo, eds., M. Tani and others (7 authors)., Kalinga ehnoarchaeology, Smithsonian Institute Press , 1994.05.
4. Masakazu Tani, Extending the methodological potential for archaeological interpretations, University Microfilms, Inc., 1991.08.
1. M. Abiar Rahman, Masakazu Tani, Asahiro Kazuo, S.M.A. Ullah, Specie Composition, Diversity and Productivity of Homesteads in Southeastern Bangladesh., Small-Scale Forestry, DOI 10.1007/s11842-016-9356-8, 1-15, 2016.10.
2. Masakazu Tani, Md. Zulfikar Rahman, Abu Zofar Moslehuddin, Hiroshi Tsuruta, Characterization of dwellers as a major agent of deforestation in a reserved forest in Bangladesh., International Journal of Environment, 4, 2, 25-30, 2014.08.
3. Tani Masakazu, M. Jahiruddin, K. Egashira, A.Z.M. Moslehuddin, M.Z. Rahman, Dietary intake of arsenic by households in Marua Village in Jessore, Journal of Environmental Science & Natural Resources, 5, 1, 283-288, 2012.06.
4. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Kazuhiko Egashira, Masakazu Tani, M. Jahiruddin, Abu Zofar Md. Moslehuddin and Md. Zulfikar Rahman, Variation in arsenic concentration relative to ammonium-N and ORP in surface and groundwater at Marua Village, Jessore District, Bangladesh, Communications in Soil Science & Plant Analysis, 39:1467- 1475, 2008.04.
5. Tani, M. and B. Begum, Social boundaries, cultural factors, and the use of arsenic-safe water sources, The Journal of NOAMI, Vol.21,55-68, 2005.12.
6. TANI Masakazu, William A. Longacre, On the method of measuring ceramic uselife, American Antiquity, Vol. 64, No. 2, pp. 299-308, 1999.04.
7. Masakazu Tani, Beyond the identification of formation processes, Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, 2, 3, 231-252, 1995.05.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Environmental Information Science
  • A book (Village Life and Arsenic Contamination)I published from Kyushu Univeristy Press was chosen as an outstanding reseach publication to contribute to important issues in international development.
Educational Activities
Environmental anthropology
Management of International Assisstance (graduate school)
Project in Environment & Heritage Design I (graduate school)
Professional and Outreach Activities
A member of Asia Arsenic Network (Non-profit organization).