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Kiriko TOH Last modified date:2021.06.15

Assistant Professor / Creative Design
Department of Content and Creative Design
Faculty of Design

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

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Academic Degree
Master (Design)
Field of Specialization
Web Design
Research Interests
  • A Study on a Expression of Web Sites from the viewpoint of User Experience
    keyword : Web, User Experience
  • Reserch and trial on graphical representation of mined data on web sites
    keyword : Web, data mining
  • Design of Database Web Site with Similarity Searches
    keyword : Web, Database, Similarity Searches
Academic Activities
Works, Software and Database
1. .
2. Design and update work of Kyushu University Faculty of Design Tokyo Lounge's web site
Membership in Academic Society
  • Design Research Assiciation
  • Japanese Society for the Science of Design