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Associate Professor / Social Communication Design
Department of Design Futures
Faculty of Design

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Executive Adviser to the President

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Academic Degree
Master of Art
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Design theory, Design history, Information Design, Editing Design
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
In addition to continuing research concerning "Information Design" and "Japanese Design History following 1970's", work was begun on exploring possibilities of Universal Design as a new research field. As a result of such research activities two books on design, "Information Design Source Book" and "The Concise History of Japanese Modern Design" were published in 2003.
In the field of education I placed special emphasis on international student exchange and collaboration projects.
One of the social activities was the "Oguni Branding Development Project" which will be an innovative collaborative project together with the local government for the purpose of revitalizing a small town.
Research Interests
  • Research on archives that contribute to the inheritance and creative use of the traditional pattern designs of Japanese paper stencils
    keyword : Handicrafts, Archives, Kata
  • 'Editorial thinking’ for design research
    keyword : editorial, design thinking
  • Interdisciplinary Studies on Mobilities
    keyword : Mobility, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Archiving of Traditional Handicrafts Based on Form, Pattern and Style
    keyword : Handicrafts, Archives, Kata
  • Interdisciplinary Research on Patterns : Relation between Patterns of Textile and Music with Aspects of Human Body
    keyword : Pattern, Textile, Music, Design, Body
  • City Information Mapping Service Created by Non-expert People
    keyword : City Information, Information Design, Map, Service Design
  • Study on the role of alternative center of cultural activities in urban environment
    keyword : Center of cultural activities, creative community, social innovation
  • My Desk is My Castle : A qualitative design research focusing on the differences between countries, gender, professions.
    keyword : observational research, cultural differences, gender, design method
  • Development of "Kansei Table System"
    - A system for promoting knowledge integration and idea support based on Kansei (sensitivity)
    keyword : integrated research, idea support. user's needs, research seeds, network
  • Development of design of Japanese traditional crafts adapted for modern lifesytle
    - Case study of Koishiwara pottery -
    keyword : traditional crafts, modern lifestyle, product design, sustainable production and consumption
  • Research on design support institutions
    keyword : design support, design policy, design management, design strategy, manufacturing
Current and Past Project
  • International design research collaboration project with Koeln International School of Design. The research team consists of universities in different countries. Based on the a mount of collected pictures of 4 categories of offices (administration office, call center, design office, bank/insurance company) in each country, differences of culture, gender, profession will be clarified by analyzing and interpretation based on the observational research method. The result is expected to contribute design work.
  • This "Oguni Brand Development Project" should be an innovative collaboration project with the local government for the purpose of activating a small local town.
  • Office Age Project: Inclusive Design for Developping New Work Place

    The purpose of this collaboration project between the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre of Royal College of Art in London and the Faculty of Design, Kyushu University is to develop innovative concepts for office design in the coming aging societies especially in the developed countries.
Academic Activities
1. 池田 美奈子, 田村大, Bryan Boyer, Kun-Pyo Lee, Barry Katz, 下村 萌, 伊藤慎一郎, K2 Dialogues 01 Envisioning Urban Futures
K2ダイアローグ 01 未来の都市を描く
, 九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院, 2017.03.
1. 池田美奈子, ‘Editorial thinking’ for design research, IASDR 2020, 2019.09.
2. 池田 美奈子, Scaffold for designing modern products by reinterpreting the technique and philosophy of traditional crafts, IASDR 2017, 1637-1647, 2017.10.
3. Minako IKEDA, Keiko IHARA, Tokiko TSUMEMARU, Research Study on the Role of Design Support Organizations in Japan, IASR 07 (International Association of Societies of Design Research), 2007.11.
Works, Software and Database
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1. 池田美奈子, 'Editorial thinking' for design research, IASDR 2019, 2019.09.
2. 池田 美奈子, Scaffold for designing modern products by reinterpreting the technique and the philosophy of traditional crafts, IASDR 2017 (International Association of Societies of Design Research), 2017.10.
3. 池田 美奈子, Connecting the big picture to everyday lives, IASDR 2017 (International Association of Societies of Design Research), 2017.10.
Educational Activities
- Design Theory
- Contemporary Design
- Design for Culture and Lifestyle
- Theory of Information Editing
Other Educational Activities
  • 2010.02.
  • 2009.09.
  • 2009.04.
  • 2008.03.