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Yukihiro Shimatani Last modified date:2020.10.07

Professor / Laboratory of Hydrosphere Sutainability Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

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Academic Degree
Landscape research on abandant and pureness of water in rivers
Field of Specialization
river engineering, river environment
Outline Activities
The academic activity: The research on nature restoration of rivers, lakes, marshes, and tidal flat; the conservation of river landscape; and the research on the integrated management of river basin are carried out. Concerning on the nature restoration, an idea, a plan technique, process of nature restoration are researched. It aims to become the research base of the very few, nature restoration research in Japan.
I want to be interested how in the individuality of the river is formed, and to clarify the individuality of the river from both the viewpoint of nature and culture.
The research on the consensus building is advanced as a research though it is difficult.
Additionally, it is interested also in the history and the living thing of the river, and the research is advanced while cooperating perhaps with the researcher in the field.
The educational activity: It is motto to educate the trusted person from the person it is possible to think by their selves. The river is an interesting material that can learn both a social thing and nature.

The education with the relation to the society while relating to an actual project is done.

A social activity: Various activities for the formation of "Good river" are developed.
It is called, "Cheerleaders in the river", and assists in the person of the problem of the river in the whole country. Moreover, the lead is demonstrated at the same time as proposing the idea as a leader of the river environment and it appeals to the society. It proposes various policies concerning the river such as "Fukuoka city sphere synthesis flood control city plan".
It researches.
Research Interests
  • development of rainwater society for integrate management of water system
    keyword : rainwater harvesting, storm water management, earthquake
  • Introduction of micro-hydro power for sustainable management of local community
    keyword : local community , cost, society agreement, appropriate technology
  • Green Infrastructure at the time of climatic change or depopulation.
    keyword : green infra, resilience, climatic change, nature restoration, ecosystem
  • Development of socila structure promoting I/U-turn and nuturing new industries all those invilved
    keyword : I・U‐turn
  • CO2
    keyword : CO2
  • restoration on Japanese ibis
    keyword : habitat, paddy field, loach, nest, consensus building
  • study on design methods of nature friendly river works
    keyword : river works, nature restoration, biodiversity, landscape design, fish
    2005.04river restoration design.
  • transportation system of seeds and bivavle
    keyword : flow, wetland, nature restoration, seed
    2003.11Relationship between flow and flora in rivers.
Current and Past Project
  • We made relationships between AHB(association of Hydro Bandon) and HCQ(Hydro-electric system research core of Kyushu University) for international corporation.
Academic Activities
1. Naoya Furuta, Yukihiro Shimatani, Integrating ecological perspectives into engineering practices – Perspectives and lessons from Japan, Inter National Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 32, 87-94, 2018.12.
2. Characteristics of flow regime of 10 rivers in Kyusyu island.
Works, Software and Database
1. .
2. .
3. .
4. river shore landscape design of the Gokase river.
5. .
6. Azamenose wetland restoration project.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Wetlamd Society
  • Japan Wetlamd Society
  • civil engineering design award
  • designplize of civil engineering, Kurome river
  • Restoration of Ishiibi Historical Water System in Kase River
Educational Activities
river engineering, river restoration design , Consensus building
Other Educational Activities
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Professional and Outreach Activities
As the chairman of the Association of Japan Wetlands, we are working on preserving the wetlands internationally, including the Asian Wetlands Conference Executive Committee chairperson held in October 2017, wetland conservation activities in Bengal Bay such as India and Myanmar..