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Shinji Munetoh Last modified date:2023.11.22

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Doctor of Engineering
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Field of Specialization
Computer simulation, Materials science
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Outline Activities
We use seven high-speed work stations,and study crystal growth of silicon by the molecular dynamics computer simulation mainly.
Research Interests
  • high efficiency thermoelectric module by using Silicon clatherate
    keyword : thermoelectric module, clatherate
  • Molecular dynamics simulation of amorphization and crystallization from Si melt
    keyword : Molecular dynamic, simulation, silicon, crystallization, Amorphous
    2003.12Poly-silicon (Si) thin film transistor (TFT) is a key component of liquid crystaldisplay (LCD) panels. We have investigated atomistic processes of nucleation and crystallization in excimer-laser annealed thin Si films on glass based on molecular-dynamics simulations. Our purpose is to analyze mechanism of the crystal growth of excimer-laser anneal..
Academic Activities
1. Shinji Munetoh, Makoto Saisho, Liu Bin, Yuya Nagatomo, Yusuke Nakakohara, Ryo Teranishi, Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of the p-type Ba8AuxSi46−x clathrates, proc. The 14th International Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering between Kyushu University and Chonbuk National University, p. 56, 2012.06.
2. Shinji Munetoh, Xiao Yan Ping, Tomohiko Ogata, Teruaki Motooka and Ryo Teranishi, Excimer laser crystallization processes of amorphous silicon thin films by using molecular-dynamics simulations, ISIJ International, Vol. 50, 1925 (2010)., 2010.08.
3. S. Munetoh, M. Arita, H. Makiyama, and T. Motooka, Thermoelectric High Power Generating Module made by n-Ba8AlxSi46-x Clathrate, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 1102E, LL04-30, 2008.03.
4. Shinji Munetoh, Makoto Arita, Hideki Makiyama, and Teruaki Motooka, Thermoelectric high power generating module made by n-Ba8AlxSi46-x clathrate, proc. The 9th International Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering between Kyushu University and Chonbuk National University, p. 3, 2007.10.
5. Shinji Munetoh, Teruaki Motooka, Koji Moriguchi, and Akira Shintani, Interatomic potential of Si-O systems using Tersoff parameterization, Comp. Mater. Sci., Volume 39, Issue 2, April 2007, Pages 334-339, 2007.03.
6. Shinji Munetoh, Takanori Mitani, Takahide Kuranaga, and Teruaki Motooka, Nucleation Process During Excimer Laser Annealing of Amorphous Silicon Thin Films on Glass: A Molecular-dynamics Study, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 958, L07-07, 2006.12.
7. Shinji Munetoh, Takahide Kuranaga, Byong Min Lee, Teruaki Motooka, Takahiko Endo, and Terunori Warabisako, Crystal Growth of Silicon Thin Films on Glass by Excimer Laser Annealing: A Molecular-Dynamics Study, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 45, 4344-4346, 2006.05.
8. S. Munetoh, T. Kuranaga, B. M. Lee, T. Motooka, T. Endo and T. Warabisako, Molecular-dynamics simulations of crystal growth of silicon thin films by excimer laser annealing, Dig. Tech. Papers AM-LCD, Dig. Tech. Papers AM-LCD’05,p295(2005)., 2005.07.
9. Shinji Munetoh, Koji Moriguchi, and Akira Shintani, Ken Nishihira, and Teruaki Motooka, Molecular dynamics simulations of solid-phase epitaxy of Si: Defect formation processes, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 64, 19, art. no.-193314, Vol.64, p.193314, 2001.11.
10. Shinji Munetoh, Koji Moriguchi, Kazuhito Kamei, Akira Shintani and Teruaki Motooka, Epitaxial growth of a low-density framework form of crystalline silicon: A molecular-dynamics study, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 10.1103/PhysRevLett.86.4879, 86, 21, 4879-4882, Vol.86, p.4879-4882, 2001.05.
1. We have developed a new thermoelectric power-generating module composed of 72
pieces of n-type Ba8Al18Si28 clathrate elements made by arc melting. The Seebeck coefficient,
specific electric resistance and thermal conductivity of Ba8Al18Si28 clathrate were 250 μV/K, 1.9
mΩcm and 3.1 W/mK at 500 ºC, respectively, and the thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) was
0.8. The new thermoelectric module was constructed using only n-type thermoelectric elements
connected in series with hook-shaped electrodes. The open-circuit voltage of the module was 1.8
V at the hot-side temperature of 500 ºC. The maximum electric power was 0.24 W. The module
was successfully used to charge lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones..
2. We have performed molecular-dynamics simulations of heating, melting and
recrystallization processes in amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin films deposited on glass during
excimer laser annealing. By partially heating the a-Si surface region with 2 nm depth and
removing thermal energy from the bottom of the glass substrate, a steady-state temperature
profile was obtained in the a-Si layer with the thickness of 15 nm and only the surface region
was melted. It was found that nucleation predominantly occurred in the a-Si region as judged by
the coordination numbers and diffusion constants of atoms in the region. The results suggest that
nucleation occurs in unmelted residual a-Si region during the laser irradiation and then crystal
growth proceeds toward liquid Si region under the near-complete melting condition..
3. Molecular-dynamics simulations of crystal growth of Silicon thin fi lms by excimer laser annealing.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials
  • The Thermoelectrics Society of Japan
  • Materials Research Society