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Takashi Hara Last modified date:2023.06.08

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This web page is on my research and teaching activities. Contains list of publications and some of my lecture notes for my class. .
Academic Degree
Doctor of Philosophy
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Mathematical Physics
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
On research: I have been studying crical phenomena and continuum limits of stitistical mechanical models in a mathematically rigorous way. These problems arise as a result of cooperative phenomena in systems of infinite degrees of freedom. Mathematically, these phenomena can be interpreted as a consequence of (yet unknown) limit theorems in probability theory. Currently, I am using Renormalzation Group Methods to study these problems. Recently, I am also studying problems related to foundations of quantum statistical mechanics.
Education: Have taught a lot of basic courses on undergraduate and gradute levels. Also acted as thesis advisors based on my
research interests explained above.
Research Interests
  • Foundations of Quantum Statistical Mehanics
    keyword : Quantum Statistical Mechanics
  • critical behavior of classical spin systems
    keyword : renormalization group, spin systems, critical behavior, low-temperature phase
  • Critical Behaviour of four dimensional self-avoiding walk
    keyword : critical phenomena, self-avoiding walk
    2005.01Critical Behaviour of 4-dimensional self-avoiding walk.
  • Critical behaviour of q-lattice animals
    keyword : critical phenomena, q-lattice animals, percolation
    2004.01Critical Behaviour of p-q model.
  • Critical behaviour of hierarchical self-avoiding walk
    keyword : critical phenomena, hierarchical model, renormalization group, self-avoiding walk
    2002.04Critical Behaviour of Hierarchical Self-Avoiding Walk.
  • Critical Behaviour and Continuum Limits of Hierarchical Ising Model
    keyword : critical phenomena, quantum field theory, hierarchical model, Ising model
    1998.04~2002.02Critical Behaviour and Continuum Limtis of Hierarchical Ising Model in Four Dimensions.
  • Asymptotic behaivour of 2-point functions for stochastic geometric models
    keyword : critical phenomena, percolation, self-avoiding walk, 2-point function, critical point, lace expansion
    1998.09~2004.08Critical two point functions of percolation and self-avoiding walks.
Academic Activities
1. Takashi HARA, Decay of Correlations in Nearest-Neighbor Self-Avoiding Walk, Percolation, Lattice Trees and Animals, Annals of Probability, vol. 36, pp.530-593, 2008.03.
1. q-Lattice Animals.
2. Decay of Correlations in Nearest Neighbour Self-Avoiding Walk, Percolation, Lattice Trees and Animals.
Educational Activities
The following list contains courses taught at Kyushu University, Nagoya University, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

For undergraduates: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Statistics, Complex Analysis, Vector Analysis, Functional Analysis (basics only), Theory of ordinary differential equations, Theory of Electricity and Magnetism, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Quantum Mechanics (advanced level), Introduction to Probability Theory

For graduates: Introduction to Probability Theory, Critical Phenomena and Quantum Field Theory, Special Lectures in Mathematical Physics (Rigorous Analysis of Critical Behaviour, Theory of Renormalization Group)

In addition to tbe above, I have been thesis advisors for several graudate students.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2013.09, I have given a series of lectures in "Mathematical Physics 2013", held in Tokyo. .
  • 2013.06, I have given a series of lectures at the Feza Gursey Summer School on Mathematical Physics held in Istanbul. .
  • 2005.08, Have given a lecture in an extramural course, organized by the Faculty of Mathematics.
Professional and Outreach Activities
I gave lectures for "open campus" events at my university, and also at an international summer school on mathematical physics. (Details will be given in separate items.) .