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Oki Eiji Last modified date:2024.06.03

Associate Professor / Department Surgery and Science
Department of Clinical Medicine
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gastro-intestinal surgery
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Research Interests
  • New development in the molecular tageting therapy of gastric and colorectal cancer
    keyword : gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, carcinogenesis, invasion, metastasis, molecular target therapy
    2011.04~2017.03Molecular mechanism of carcinogenesis, invasion, metastasis in gastric cancer.
Academic Activities
1. Eiji Oki, A randomized phase III trial comparing S-1 versus UFT as adjuvant chemotherapy for stage II/III rectal cancer (JFMC35-C1: ACTS-RC). , Ann Oncol 2016; 27(7):1266-72., 2017.05.
2. Oki E, Sakaguchi Y, Ohgaki K, Saeki H, Chinen Y, Minami K, Sakamoto Y, Toh Y, Kusumoto T, Maehara Y., Feasibility of delta-shaped anastomoses in totally laparoscopic distal gastrectomy, Eur Surg Res, 47, 5, 205-210, 2011.10, BACKGROUND: Delta-shaped (DS) anastomosis is a new reconstruction method for totally laparoscopic distal gastrectomy (TLDG) using a linear stapler. We evaluated the feasibility of using this method for TLDG.
METHODS: A retrospective analysis was performed in 114 patients who underwent TLDG with DS anastomosis. Twenty-four patients reconstructed with a Roux-en-Y (RY) anastomosis during the same period were analyzed as control subjects.
RESULTS: The patient characteristics of DS and RY anastomoses were slightly different in terms of tumor location and extent of lymph node dissection, since this was not a prospective comparative study. Blood loss, postoperative complication rate and postoperative hospital stay were not different between the two groups. There was only 1 case of anastomotic leakage, and no case of anastomotic stricture after DS anastomosis. The length of the operation using DS anastomosis was significantly shorter than for RY anastomosis. The rates of body weight loss were not significantly different at 1 year after the operation.
CONCLUSIONS: Although this was a small retrospective analysis, DS anastomosis was feasible, required a shorter operation time, and had no associated complications. This method can therefore be recommended as a standard procedure for TLDG.

3. Oki E, Sakaguchi Y, Hiroshige S, Kusumoto T, Kakeji Y, Maehara Y, Preservation of an aberrant hepatic artery arising from the left gastric artery during laparoscopic gastrectomy for gastric cancer., J Am Coll Surg, 212, 5, 25-27, 2011.05.
4. Oki E, Kakeji Y, Zhao Y, Yoshida R, Ando K, Masuda T, Ohgaki K, Morita M, Maehara Y, Chemosensitivity and Survival in Gastric Cancer Patients with Microsatellite Instability, Ann Surg Oncol, 16, 9, 2510-2515, 2009.09.
5. R. Datta, E. Oki, K Endo , V. Biedermann, J. Ren, D. Kufe., XIAP regulates DNA damage-induced apoptosis downstream of caspase-9 cleavage., Journal of Biological Chemistry, 275(24):18476-81, 2000.10.
6. Oki E, Oda S, Maehara Y, Sugimachi K., Mutated gene-specific phenotypes of dinucletide repeat instability in human colorectal carcinoma cell lines defiecient in DNA mismatch repair, Oncogene, 10.1038/sj.onc.1202583, 18, 12, 2143-2147, 18: 2143-2147, 1999.01.
7. Oki E, Oda S(equal corresponding), Maehara Y, Sugimachi K., Precise assessment of microsatellite instability using high resolution fluorescent microsatellite analysis, Nucleic Acids Research, 10.1093/nar/25.17.3415, 25, 17, 3415-3420, 25: 3415-3420, 1997.01.