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CHIHAYA ADACHI Last modified date:2023.08.02

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Director of the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research
Director of the Education Center for Global Leaders in Molecular Systems for Devices

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Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (OPERA) .
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Field of Specialization
Organic photonics and electronics - Materials science and device physics
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Outline Activities
Researches on organic optoelectronic materials and devices. We develop organic electronic devices such as organic light emitting diode (OLED), organic solar cells, organic transistors, organic laser diodes. We design and snthesis novel electronic materials and also establish the research area of photophysics and device physics.
Research Interests
  • Researches on organic electronics materials and device physics; organic light emitting diode, organic laser, organic transistor and organic solar cell
    keyword : Organic electronics materials, organic light emitting diode, organic laser, organic transistor, organic solar cell, organic superconductor
    2005.10There are intensive interest in organic electronics recent years due to their high potential for novel optoelectronics devices. We study on organic materials, device fabrication and device physics and would like to clarify the operation mechanism and obtain high performance organic devices. In particular, we focus on organic electroluminescence diodes, organic solid-state laser, organic solar cells, organic transistor and organic memories..
Current and Past Project
  • Studies of the lifetime characteristics of multi-layer OLED devices made using a Close-Space Sublimation (CSS) method for layer deposition
  • Theme: Building an “Organic-System Valley” in Fukuoka by transferring core technologies from Kyushu University(since November 2016)
    Integrating advanced technologies and highly skilled caliber individuals into the ecosystem to form an Organic-System Valley in Fukuoka Prefecture, where new businesses with high values will participate in the global OLED market sustainably.
  • Development of organic light emitting transistors
Academic Activities
1. Kenichi Goushi, Kou Yoshida, Keigo Sato, Chihaya Adachi, Organic light-emitting diodes employing efficient reverse intersystem crossing for triplet-to-singlet state conversion, Nature Photonics, in press, 2012.03, エキサイプレックスと呼ばれる種類の異なる2つの分子の会合体を有機エレクトロルミネッセンス素子(有機EL素子)の発行材料に適応し、電流励起によるエキサイプレックス発光の中では、最も高い外部量子効率が5%を超える世界トップレベルの高効率化の実現に成功した。本成果は低消費電力で環境負荷が少ない有機ELテレビや有機EL照明などの次世代エレクトロニクス分野において、新たな発光分子の設計指針やデバイスの構築への大きな貢献が期待できる。.
Educational Activities
Undergraduate school: Quantum Chemistry
Graduate school: Organic electronics, Physical Science
Other Educational Activities
  • 2009.03, Publishing Connect Partnering with the Research Community.