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ICHIRO IEIRI Last modified date:2022.05.25

Professor / Clinical Pharmaceutics
Kyushu University Hospital

Undergraduate School
医療系統合教育 漢方医薬学
Other Organization
Administration Post
Dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dean of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Introduction of the Hospital Pharmacy, Kyushu University .
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Introduction of Department of Clinical Pharmacokinetics. .
Academic Degree
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacogenomics/Pharmacogenetics, Clinical Pharmacy
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Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
As the director of pharmacy, I contribute managements of pharmacy and hospital.
I have some classes to students in the faculties of medicine, dental and pharmacy about clinical pharmacology, appropriate drug use etc.
My main research theme is describing large inter-invidiual differences in the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of clinically useful drugs from the standing points of genetic polymorphisms and gene expression mechanisms.
Another major issue is an application of pharmacometircs to individualized drug therapy.
Other activities include the Councils of some scientific societies and the Editors of some international and domestic journals
My social activities include the director of softball team in a junior school.
Research Interests
  • Development of a new concept if Therapeutic Drug Monitoring from miRNA monitoring in blood.
    keyword : miRNA monitoring, TDM, new concept
  • Contribution of organ- and tissue-specific miRNAs in body fluids on pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic changes of clinically useful drugs at metabolic syndromes
    keyword : organ- & tissue-specific miRNA, metabolic syndrome, PK/PD change, lquidbiopsy
  • Expression mechanisms of drug transporters in lifestyle diseases by epitranscriptome
    keyword : エピトランスクリプトーム解析、生活習慣病、トランスポーター、発現変動機構
  • Epigenetic gene expression and pharmcokinetics
    keyword : methylation, histone modification, miRNA, phar,acokinetics, inter-individual avriability
  • Application of metabolome analysis to pharmacoenomic research area.
    keyword : pharmacogenomics, biomarkers, metabolome analyais
  • Meta analysis combined with pharmacometrics
    keyword : Population pk/pd - meta analysis
  • Ethnic differency of pharmacokinetics in Asis
    keyword : Asia, Pharmacokinetics, ethnicity
  • Pharmacodynamic analysis by pharmacometrics using in-hospital medication information
    keyword : Population pk/pd analysis
  • Plasma miRNA concentration as a biomarker for drug transporters
    keyword : Transporter
  • Transporter in vivo functions
    keyword : Transporter
  • Establishment of analytical methofs for drugs in human materials
    keyword : drugs, analytical methods, establishment
  • Useful biomarkers for appropriate drug use.
    keyword : appropriate drug use, biomarkers
  • Microdosing clinical study
    keyword : Microdosingね clinical study
  • Role of miRNAs for expression of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic genes.
    keyword : miRNA, PK/PD, gene expression
  • Epigenetic mechanisms for expression of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic genes.
    keyword : methylation, imprinting, histone, CYP3A4
  • Epigenetic mechanisms for expression of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic genes.
    keyword : methylation, imprinting, histone
  • Population pharmacokinetics
    keyword : population pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic analysis
  • Investigation for Pharmacogenetics/pharmacogenomics (PGx)
    keyword : Pharmacogenetics、pharmacogenomics
Current and Past Project
  • Applcation of microdosing tests for drug developemental ascenes based on PK/PD/PGx theories.
  • Developement of programs for growing leaders of clinical pharmacists.
  • To accelerate (or developmental support) seeds from individual reseachers in Kyushu University to appropriate clinical situations.
  • Applcation of microdosing tests for PK/PD/PGx scenes.
Academic Activities
1. 家入 一郎, Pharmacogenomics of drug transporters: clinical implications, The Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC Drug Discovery Series No.55, 2016.05.
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1. Ichiro Ieiri, Challenges for application of epigenetic concepts to pharmacogenomics in humans, 18th World Comgress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 2018.06.
2. 家入 一郎, Value and limitations of cutting-edge science (e.g., gene therapy and pharmacogenomics ) to patient care here and now
, FIP's World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015.09.
3. I will present candidate multiple gene analysis for prediction of individual warfarin response..
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