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Yoshinori Iwasaki Last modified date:2023.11.22

Associate Professor / Japanese History
Department of History
Faculty of Humanities

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Doctor of Letters
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Japanese ealry modern history
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
The major is Japanese [kinseishi]. Especially, the research of the history of the copper circulation in Japan that centered on the copper mint and the Nagasaki trade is a center. Moreover, Hirado Domain, the investigation of the historical materials of the Tsushima clan, and the research are done. In the education, it takes charge of Japanese [kinseishi]. The compilation committee of the history of Fukuoka City has been entrusted to them.
Research Interests
  • A Study on "Kameoka Zuihitsu,"a Collection of Essays by Hirado Domain's Lord, Matsura Hiromu 
    keyword : Matsura Hiromu, Kameoka Zuihitsu, Edo period, Hirado Domain,
  • A study of documents written in graphite during the Edo period
    keyword : graphite during
  • Production and distribution of early modern Japanese copper
    keyword : Doza (copper collection organization), Nagasaki Kaisho (Trade and Autonomous Organization in Nagasaki), Akita Copper, Copper Distribution, Copper Trade
  • Study on Chinese Classics and Books in the library Rakusaido(楽歳堂) of Hirado clan
    keyword : Hirado clan.Mtsura-Seizan,rakusaido
  • Collection of books of Hirado Domain in Edo period and research of the library catalogue
    keyword : Hirado rakusaidou
  • Research on migration of the secret Christian using the Aokata library

    keyword : the secret Christian , Aokata library
  • Fundamental study on making of "甲子夜話" data base
    keyword : Matsura-Seizan Kassi-Yawa
  • Using library of the Tsushima clan (Soke Novel), the study of Noh in Tsushima.
    keyword : Noh lords, Soke document, Tsushima
  • Hirado clan and the West Sea whaling
    keyword : West Sea whaling Hirado clan Inomoto-Yashitizaemon Oda-Denbei Matsura-Hiromu Matsura-Seizan
Current and Past Project
  • Conducts research on the acceptance of pencils in the Edo period in Japan and basic research on "石筆文書" written by pencils.
    In particular, we will focus on documents related to "清" and "熈," who were the lords of the Matsuura family, who have clear records of the usage of pencils.
    In addition, we will mainly conduct research on pencil documents that have been handed down in the family documents of the Matsuura family, the Hirado clan, and the Hirado castle townspeople.
  • Basic joint research will be conducted on the valuable cultural objects stored in the Isahaya City Isahaya Library in order to clarify their transmission and value as cultural properties.
  • Investigation of synchronic a book environment surrounding the Hirado Domain Rakutoshi-do paperback .
    By comparison with other feudal lords paperback , to elucidate the nature of Rakutoshi-do as a feudal lord paperback .
  • To investigate the interdisciplinary, the position in East Asia and the deployment of as a city of Hakata was a major international trading port in Japan of pre-modern.
Academic Activities
1. About the account book of the annual event in the Hirato castle in 1858 .
Consideration about the annual event which the daimyo who went into seclusion made.
2. Whale hunter ”Inomoto Yasichizaemon” based on Inomoto family document and relationship analysis of Hirado Domain.
1. The Book Collection of a Literati Daimyo in Early Modern Japan and
Information Exchange: An Investigation into the Catalogue of the Rakusaido
Collection of Hirado Domain.
Educational Activities
(1) In the lectures and exercises you are in charge, provide as many opportunities as possible to touch the real thing of "old documents" and cultivate basic reading skills.

(2) Develop classes that actively incorporate practical training and fieldwork elements at familiar historical sites and regional museums. Specifically, we carry out visits to historical sites and reports, visits to Nagasaki historical sites, visits to Noh theater, etc.

3) Write down syllabus details about the grade evaluation, and ensure that the students are well-known. For syllabus, we will distribute more detailed syllabus at the beginning of the class.

(4) Instruct graduate students to prepare detailed research plans and prepare annual reports with the goal of completing, posting, and posting at least one peer-reviewed dissertation within two years of master's degree.

(5) Actively use the WEB learning system Moodle, etc., explore the possibility of interactive classes, and develop classes while verifying the degree of understanding of the students.

(6) Make full use of the system for online lessons conducted under the new corona measures.
In addition, actively communicate with students in order to understand the content of the lesson.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2011.04.
  • 2005.04.