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List of Papers
Jun'ichi Takeuchi Last modified date:2022.07.05

Professor / Mathematical Informatics / Department of Informatics / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. R. Ishibashi, K. Miyamoto, C. Han, T. Ban, T. Takahashi, J. Takeuchi, Generating Labeled Training Datasets Towards Unified Network Intrusion Detection Systems, IEEE Access, 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3176098, 10, 2169-3536, 2022.01.
2. C. Han, J. Takeuchi, T. Takahashi, D. Inoue, Dark-TRACER: Early Detection Framework for Malware Activity Based on Anomalous Spatiotemporal Patterns, IEEE Access, 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3145966, 10, 13038-13058, 2022.01.
3. B. Sun, T. Ban, C. Han, T. Takahashi, K. Yoshioka, J. Takeuchi, A. Sarrafzadeh, M. Qiu, D. Inoue, Leveraging Machine Learning Techniques to Identify Deceptive Decoy Documents Associated With Targeted Email Attacks, IEEE Access, 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3082000, 9, 87962-87971, 2021.05.
4. Chansu HAN, Jumpei SHIMAMURA, Takeshi TAKAHASHI, Daisuke INOUE, Jun'ichi TAKEUCHI, Koji NAKAO, Real-time Detection of Global Cyberthreat Based on Darknet by Estimating Anomalous Synchronization Using Graphical Lasso, IEICE Transactions, Vol.E103-D, No.10, 2020.10.
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