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KIMURA HITOE Last modified date:2021.07.02

Assistant Professor / Women's Health and Community Health Nursing
Department of Health Sciences
Faculty of Medical Sciences

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Community Health Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Home Care Nursing
Research Interests
  • Examination of effective practice method for mothers of parenting program CARE in community health field - Randomized controlled trial -
    keyword : CARE, Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement, Mother, Child, Parenting Stress, Patenting Skills, Child Maltreatment
  • Study on the community based parenting program which aimed at that child's problem behavior decreased
    keyword : Child's Problem Behavior, Parenting Program, Community based, Parenting Stress
  • A study on child-rearing support
    keyword : child-rearing support , mother's child-rearing consciousness
Academic Activities
1. Yukako Shigematsu, Yoko Hatano, Hitoe Kimura, Development and Testing of a Partnership Development Process Assessment Scale for Public Health Nurses in Japan, 2014.01.
1. Hitoe Kimura, Yukako Shigematsu, Toshiko Kamo, Yuka Fukumaru, Ikuko Kato, Etsuko Kamura, Hidemi Chiba, Eriko Uchida, Yukiko Yamashita, Akihiko Nishioka, Contents of child's problem behavior reduced by CARE program and follow-up program in a local community health; a prospective intervention trial, 21st EAFONS, 2018.01.
2. Hitoe Kimura, Yukako Shigematsu, The changes in children's problematic behaviors and mother's parenting stress after participating in the CARE program in a local community health center; a prospective intervention trial, Japan Academy of Nursing Sicence,2016, 2016.12.
3. Hitoe Kimura, Yasuko Shigematsu, Toshiko Kamo, The effect of CARE Program in health center to reduce children's problematic behaviors and mother's parenting stress, Randomized controlled trial, The 2016 International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing Research Symposium, 2016.09.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing
  • Japan Academy of Nursing Science
  • Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing
  • Japan Society of Nursing Research
Other Educational Activities
  • 2010.06.