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Michael William Hall Last modified date:2020.07.14

Associate Professor / Social System Design / Department of Design Strategy / Faculty of Design

1. Michael William Hall, Causes, Impacts, and Solutions to Global Warming
Utilizing Bamboo Biochar for Carbon Sequestration and Local Economic Development (chapter)
, Springer, 2013.08, This chapter explains the diverse benefits, the long-term stability, and the economic efficiency of using bamboo biochar as a means to sequester carbon while improving the local environment and economy. It involves Master’s students from the Department of Design Strategy at Kyushu University, Undergraduate and Graduate students from the Department of Agriculture at Kyushu University, local volunteer Satoyama members, and support from the Japan Biochar Association. In this initial stage of the project, the students conducted a survey of people living in Fukuoka, Japan to determine their general knowledge about the environment, the carbon credit scheme, and their interest in buying pesticide free vegetables in order to determine if environmental education and promotion is necessary for the success of the project’s goal of using biochar as a means for carbon sequestration and marketing strategy for vegetables. Results showed that there is no knowledge about the carbon credit scheme, only some general environmental awareness, and modest interest in buying pesticide free biochar grown vegetables if more expensive than ones grown under normal conditions. Therefore, the next step will be to develop effective materials and carry out events to educate and promote the positive impacts of the system, and develop production methods that maintain a competitive price to widely used pesticides..
2. Michael Hall Robert Chartrand, Essential Skills and Design for Successful Presentations, 62, 2007.10.
3. Michael William Hall, The Traveler, OMMG社, 72 pages, 1988.11.
4. Michael William Hall, Value Creation Through Customer Derived Revenue, IRM Press, Innovations of
Knowledge Management
Edited by Bonnie Monsanto
Chapter 15
, 2004.07.
5. Michael William Hall, Down to Business, Intercom Press, 76 pages, 2002.03.
6. Michael Hall, It' Up to You, Shohakusha, p72, 1996.03.