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Shuichiro Tao Last modified date:2021.06.18

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Ph. D.
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Particle Physics, Physics Education
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Influence of Education on University Students
    keyword : Higher Education, First-Year Experience
  • Higgs Bosons and Electroweak Phase Transition in Supersymmetric Standard Models
    keyword : baryogenesis, higgs boson, electroweak symmetry breaking
Academic Activities
1. Reappreciating the Educational Significance of Research Experience for Undergraduates.
2. The significance of early research experience through the "Independent Research" subject.
3. Koichi Funakubo, Akira Kakuto, Shuichiro Tao, Fumihiko Toyoda, Sphalerons in the NMSSM, Progress of Theoretical Physics, 114, 5, 369-389, 2005.11, [URL].
4. Koichi Funakubo, Shuichiro Tao, Fumihiko Toyoda, Phase Transitions in the NMSSM, Progress of Theoretical Physics, 10.1143/PTP.114.369, 114, 2, 369-389, 2005.08, [URL].
5. Koichi Funakubo, Shuichiro Tao, The Higgs Sector in the Next-to-MSSM, Progress of Theoretical Physics, 10.1143/PTP.113.821, 113, 4, 821-842, 2005.04, [URL].
6. Koichi Funakubo, Shuichiro Tao, Fumihiko Toyoda, CP Violation in the Higgs Sector and Phase Transition in the MSSM, Progress of Theoretical Physics, 10.1143/PTP.109.415, 109, 3, 415-432, 2003.03, [URL].
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Association for College and University Education
  • The Physics Education Society of Japan
  • The Physical Society of Japan