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Hisahiro Einaga Last modified date:2023.11.27

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Field of Specialization
catalysis chemistry
Outline Activities
Catalysts are key materials for material transformation, and catalytic chemistry plays an increasingly important role, especially in the environmental and energy fields, where urgent social issues are mounting. We are designing and developing catalytic materials based on composite oxide catalysts, metal nanoparticles, zeolites, and clusters, and attempting to control the physical properties and catalytic properties of these functional inorganic materials for application in various environmental and energy processes.
Research Interests
  • Design of catalytic materials based on metal nanoparticles
    keyword : nanoparticle, catalysis, inorganic synthesis chemistry
  • Developement of catalytic oxidation processes by using ozone
    keyword : ozone, catalysis, oxidation
  • Application of photocatalysts to environmental remediation
    keyword : photocatalyst, hazardous materials, purification technology
Academic Activities
1. Hisahiro Einaga, Yusaku Nasu, Manabu Oda, H. Saito, Catalytic performances of perovskite oxides for CO oxidation under microwave irradiation, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 10.1016/j.cej.2015.07.051, 283, 97-104, 2016.01.
2. Hisahiro Einaga, Ryo Shiranita, H. Saito, Hata, Satoshi, Codeposition of Colloidal Platinum Particles and Iron Chloride Precursor on TiO2 for Efficient Catalytic Oxidation of CO to CO2, CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 10.1246/cl.150903, 44, 12, 1786-1788, 2015.12.
3. Hisahiro Einaga, Nanako Maeda, Yusuke Nagai, Catalytic Properties of Supported Metal Oxides for Oxidation Using Ozone, Catalysis Science & Technology, 10.1039/C5CY00315F, 5, 3147-3158, 2015.08.
4. Hisahiro Einaga, Nanako Maeda, Shintaro Yamamoto, 寺岡 靖剛, Catalytic properties of copper-manganese mixed oxides supported on SiO2 for benzene oxidation with ozone, CATALYSIS TODAY, 10.1016/j.cattod.2014.09.018, 245, 22-27, 2015.05.
5. Hisahiro Einaga, Junya Tokura, Yasutake Teraoka, Kazuhide Ito, Kinetic analysis of TiO2-catalyzed heterogeneous photocatalytic oxidation of ethylene using computational fluid dynamics, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 10.1016/j.cej.2014.11.017, 263, 325-335, 2015.03.
6. Hisahiro Einaga, Akihiro Kiya, Satoru Yoshioka, 寺岡 靖剛, Catalytic Properties of Copper Manganese Mixed Oxides Prepared by Coprecipitation Using Tetraammonium Hydroxide, Catalysis Science & Technology, 10.1039/C4CY00660G, 4, 3713-3722, 2015.02.
7. Hisahiro Einaga, Narihiro Urahama, 藤 章裕, 寺岡 靖剛, CO oxidation over TiO2-supported Pt-Fe Catalysts Prepared by Coimpregnation Methods, Catalysis Letters, 10.1007/s10562-014-1316-3, 1653-1660, 2014.10.
8. 永長 久寛, 川原田純基, 木村加奈, 寺岡 靖剛, Preparation of platinum nanoparticles on TiO2 from DNA-protected particles, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2014.04.056, 455, 179-184, 2014.08.
9. 永長 久寛, 寺岡 靖剛, 尾形 敦, Catalytic Oxidation of Benzene by Ozone over Manganese Oxides Supported on USY zeolite, Journal of catalysis, 10.1016/j.jcat.2013.05.016, 305, 227-237, 2013.06.
10. 永長 久寛, 前田菜那子, 寺岡 靖剛, Effect of Catalyst Composition and Preparation Conditions on Catalytic Properties of Unsupported Manganese Oxides for Benzene Oxidation with Ozone, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 10.1016/j.apcatb.2013.05.041, 142-143, 406-413, , 2013.05.
11. 永長 久寛, 望月啓介, Yasutake Teraoka, Photocatalytic Oxidation Processes for Toluene Oxidation over TiO2 Catalysts, Catalysts, 10.3390/catal3010219, 3, 219-231, 2013.02.
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15. H. Einaga and A. Ogata, Catalytic Oxidation of Benzene with Ozone over SiO2-supported Manganese Oxides, J. Hazard. Mater., 164, 1236-1241, 2009.03.
16. H. Einaga, M. Harada and A. Ogata, Relationship between the Structure of Manganese Oxides on Alumina and Catalytic Activities for Benzene Oxidation with Ozone, Catal. Lett., 129, 422-427, 2009.03.
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Membership in Academic Society
  • The Chemical Society of Japan
  • American Chemical Society
  • Catalysis Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Photochemistry Association
  • Japan Ozone Association
  • The Japan Petroleum Institute
Educational Activities
Catalysts are closely related to academic fields such as inorganic chemistry, reaction engineering, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic reaction chemistry, and technical fields such as energy and environmental engineering. Currently, many problems and issues are piling up in the environmental and energy fields, such as pollution by hazardous chemicals and the development of alternative energy sources to petroleum. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to develop research in cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas and to open up new fields, in addition to advancing individual academic fields. We will foster researchers and engineers who will actively tackle environmental and energy issues through basic and applied research based on inorganic materials chemistry.