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Yuichi Tsukada Last modified date:2021.08.29

Professor / Division of Medical Molecular Cell Biology, Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences
Advanced Biological Information Research Division
Inamori Frontier Research Center

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Life Science
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Outline Activities
・Molecular basis of totipotency
・Epigenetic regulation of gene expression
Research Interests
  • Molecular basis of totipotency
    keyword : totipotency, genome reprogramming, early development
  • Epigenetic regulation of gene expression
    keyword : epigenetics, epigenome, methylation, early development
Academic Activities
1. Kaneda, A., Tsukada, Y. (Editor), DNA and Histone Methylation as Cancer Targets, Springer Nature, 2017.09, Epigenetics is a novel dogma that regulates gene expression profiles in the cells and
is known to be involved in cancer. Among numerous epigenetic factors, DNA and
histone methylation has a unique feature that this covalent modification is stable
compared to other covalent modifications, thereby its reversibility had been
unknown until recently. The significant advance of epigenetics has also occurred in
methylation. Histone methylation was revealed to be reversible by the discoveries of
histone demethylases, and DNA demethylation pathway was elucidated by the discovery
of DNA oxidases.
This book focuses on DNA and histone methylation in epigenetics and describes
how it is involved in the molecular mechanisms responsible for the development of
cancer. Each chapter summarizes the current knowledge of the molecular basis of
DNA and histone methylation to explain its involvement in cancer, and describes
the features of DNA and histone methylation associated with a particular type of
cancer, the current diagnostic/therapeutic applications, and future directions of
study on DNA and histone methylation as cancer targets..
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7. Shirako E, Hirayama N, Yuichi Tsukada, Tanaka T, Kitamura N, Up-regulation of p21CIP1 expression mediated by ERK-dependent and -independent pathways contributes to hepatocyte growth factor-induced inhibition of HepG2 hepatoma cell proliferation., J Cell Biochem., 104(1):176-88., 2008.05.
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1. Yuichi Tsukada, Toward understanding the molecular basis of totipotent cells, Kyocera professors meeting, 2019.08.
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9. 束田 裕一, Regulation Mechanism of DNA Oxidation in Mammalian Zygotes, 8th Annual Conference of Asia Epigenome Alliance and 2nd Taipei Epigenetics and Chromatin Meeting, 2013.11.
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11. 束田 裕一, Regulation of chromatin demethylation, The 8th International Symposium of the Institute Network, 2013.06.
12. KDM7 is a dual demethylase for histone H3 lysines 9 and 27 and functions in
brain development.
  • A study of epigenetic regulation of gene expression