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Hiroaki MURAKAMI Last modified date:2020.07.27

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Vice President

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Academic Degree
Master in Law
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Field of Specialization
Administrative Law
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Research & education of administrative law, esp. administrative litigation, freedom of information & protection of personal data.
Research Interests
  • Protection of Personal Information
    keyword : Personal Information, Information, Administrative Information
  • Freedom of Information
    keyword : Information, Democracy
  • Administrative Litigation
    keyword : Administrative Litigation, Administrative Law, Law of Procedure
    1982.04Reconstruction of the System of Administrative Litigation.
Academic Activities
1. Lega Theory of Administrative Information.
2. Hiroaki Murakami, Theory of Administrative Litigation, Yuhikaku, 2007.
1. The "One Coin Dome" Case.
1. Freedom of Information & Protection of Personal Data.
2. Legal Problems regarding to "Miritomo Case".
3. Freedom of Information at Tribunals.
4. Subjectivity & Objectivity of Administrative Litigation: A Historico-theoretical Study on a Typology.
5. Administrative Justice after the Judicial System Reform, Public Law Review, no. 77, 2015, 26-49.
6. The Classified Secrets Protection Act and Freedom of Information.
7. Suspention of Execution and Objection by the Prime Minister.
8. Litigation between State & Local Government.
9. Constitutional Limits of Objective Litigations.
10. La protection des données personnelles en droit public japonais, in: B. Fauvarque-Cosson et Y. Ito (dir.), L'information: VIIIe Journées juridiques franco-japonaises (Collection Droits Étrangers vol. 11), Société de Législation Comparée, 2012.
11. Conditions of Declaratory Action in Public Law.
12. Der effektive Rechtsschutz im japanischen Verwaltungsprozessrecht, in: P. Baumeister/W. Roth/J. Ruthig (Hrsg.), Staat, Verwaltung und Rechtsschutz, Festschrift für Wolf-Rüdiger Schenke zum 70. Geburtstag, Duncker & Humblot, 2011.
13. In-camera Inspection in FOIA Litigation, Journal of Law & Politics, vol. 77 no. 4, 2011.
1. "The Right to Application" -- Birth & Developpment of a Concept in Japanese Administrative Law.
2. Developments in Case Law regarding Administrative Law after the Reform of Judicial Institutions.
3. Classified Secrets Protection Act and Freedom of Information.
4. On the Recent Situation of the Reform of Administrative Litigation.
5. Protection of Personal Information in Japanese Public Law.
6. Examination on the Draft Revision of the Freedom of Information Act.
7. On the Recent Reform of Administrative Litigation.
8. Litigation between Administrative Subjects and Judicial Power.
9. Posterior Extinction of Interest of Action in German Administrative Litigation.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Association of Comparative Law
  • Association of Public Law
Educational Activities
Education of Administrative Law