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Ide Tomomi Last modified date:2022.06.15

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Field of Specialization
Cardiovascular Medicine
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Clinical and basic research of cardiac remodeling and Heart failure, pathogenesis and therapeutics
Role of mitochondrial oxidative stress on cardiac remodeling
Rehabilitation program for heart failure
Research Interests
  • Pathophysiology of heart failure, failing myocardium
    Role of oxidative stress in heart failure
    Mitochondrial dysfunction and mitochondrial DNA in cardiovascular disease
    Effects of cardiac rehabilitation in heart failure patients
    Effects of vagal nerve stimulation on cardiovascular disease and cognitive function
    keyword : heart failure, oxidative stress, mitochondria
Academic Activities
1. 井手友美 砂川賢二, 心不全(下) 最新の基礎・臨床研究の進歩, 心不全治療概論 利尿薬, 2008.08.
2. Ide T, Tsutsui T, Sunagawa K, Oxygen radicals, mitochondria and heart failure, 167-176, 2005.12.
1. Ide T, Seeking for the endogenous ligands for PPAR., Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, 2005.08.
1. Oxidative stress mediates tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced mitochondrial DNA damage and dysfunction in cardiac myocytes..
2. Ikeuchi M, Matsusaka H, Kang D, Matsushima S, Ide T, Kubota T, Fujiwara T, Hamasaki N, Takeshita A, Sunagawa K, Tsutsui H., Overexpression of mitochondrial transcription factor a ameliorates mitochondrial deficiencies and cardiac failure after myocardial infarction., Circulation., 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.104.524835, 112, 5, 683-690, 112(5):683-90. , 2005.08.
3. Matsushima S, Ide T, Yamato M, Matsusaka H, Hattori F, Ikeuchi M, Kubota T, Sunagawa K, Hasegawa Y, Kurihara T, Oikawa S, Kinugawa S, Tsutsui H., Overexpression of mitochondrial peroxiredoxin-3 prevents left ventricular remodeling and failure after myocardial infarction in mice., Circulation, 113(14):1779-86., 2006.04.
4. Tsutsumi T, Ide T, Yamato M, Kudou W, Andou M, Hirooka Y, Utsumi H, Tsutsui H, Sunagawa K, Modulation of the myocardial redox state by vagal nerve stimulation after experimental myocardial infarction., Cardiovasc Res., 713-721, 2008.03.
5. Tsutsumi T., Ide T., Yamato M., Andou M., Shiba T., Utsumi H., Sunagawa K, Effect of anaesthesia-induced alterations in haemodynamics on in vivo kinetics of nitroxyl probes in electron spin resonance spectroscopy., Free Radic Res., 305-311, 2008.04.
6. Fatty acids increase the circulating levels of oxidative stress factors in mice with diet-induced obesity via redox changes of albumin.
7. Inoue T, Ide T, Yamato M, Yoshida M, Tsutsumi T, Andou M, Utsumi H, Tsutsui H, Sunagawa K, Time-dependent changes of myocardial and systemic oxidative stress are dissociated after myocardial infarction, Free radical research, 2009.01.
8. Ide T, Tsutsui H, Hayashidani S, Kang D, Suematsu N, Nakamura K, Utsumi H, Hamasaki N, Takeshita A., Mitochondrial DNA damage and dysfunction associated with oxidative stress in failing hearts after myocardial infarction., 88(5):529-35..
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Japanese Onco-Cardiology Society
  • Japanese Society of Sarcoidosis and other Granulomatous disorders
  • European Society of Cardiology
  • Japanese Biochemical Society
  • American Heart Association
  • International Society for Heart Research
  • Society for Free Radical Research Japan
  • The Japanese Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine
  • The Japanese Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • The Japanese Heart Failure Society
  • Banyu Fellowship Award in Cardiovascular Medicine