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Yojiro Arinobu Last modified date:2020.06.29

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Academic Degree
M.D., Ph.D.
Field of Specialization
Rheumatology, Allergology
Research Interests
  • Ontogeny of mast cells and basophils
    keyword : mast cell, basophil
Academic Activities
1. Arinobu Y, Iwasaki H, Akashi K. , Origin of basophils and mast cells., Allergol Int. , 2009.03.
1. Takaki-Kuwahara A, Arinobu Y, Miyawaki K, Yamada H, Tsuzuki H, Irino K, Ayano M, Kimoto Y, Mitoma H, Akahoshi M, Tsukamoto H, Horiuchi T, Niiro H, Akashi K., CCR6+ group 3 innate lymphoid cells accumulate in inflamed joints in rheumatoid arthritis and produce Th17 cytokines., Arthritis Res Ther., 21, 1, 198, 2019.01.
2. Tsuzuki H, Arinobu Y, Miyawaki K, Takaki A, Ota S, Ota Y, Mitoma H, Akahoshi M, Mori Y, Iwasaki H, Niiro H, Tsukamoto H, Akashi K, Functional interleukin-33 receptors are expressed in early progenitor stages of allergy-related granulocytes, Immunology, 150, 1, 64-73, 2017.01.
3. Miyawaki K, Arinobu Y, Iwasaki H, Kohno K, Tsuzuki H, Iino T, Shima T, Kikushige Y,Takenaka K, Miyamoto T, Akashi K, CD41 marks the initial myelo-erythroid lineage specification in adult mouse hematopoiesis: redefinition of murine common myeloid progenitor., Stem Cells, 33: 976-987, 2015.03.
4. Cantor AB, Iwasaki H, Arinobu Y, Moran TB, Shigematsu H, Sullivan MR, Akashi K, Orkin SH., Antagonism of FOG-1 and GATA factors in fate choice for the mast cell lineage. , J Exp Med. , 17: 611-624, 2008.03.
5. Arinobu Y, Mizuno S, Chong Y, Shigematsu H, Iino T, Iwasaki H, Graf T, Mayfield R, Chan S, Kastner P, Akashi K. , Reciprocal activation of GATA-1 and PU.1 marks initial specification of hematopoietic stem cells into myeloerythroid and myelolymphoid lineages. , Cell Stem Cell , 1: 416-427, 2007.10.
6. Iwasaki H, Mizuno S, Arinobu Y, Ozawa H, Mori Y, Shigematsu H, Takatsu K, Tenen DG, Akashi K. , The order of expression of transcription factors directs hierarchical specification of hematopoietic lineages. , Genes Dev. , 20: 3010-3021, 2006.11.
7. Arinobu Y, Iwasaki H, Gurish M, Mizuno S, Shigematsu H, Ozawa H, Tenen DG, Austen KF and Akashi K. , Developmental checkpoints of the basopohil/mast cell lineages in adult murine hematopoiesis. , Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. , 10.1073/pnas.0509148102, 102, 50, 18105-18110, 102: 18105-18110, 2005.12.
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9. Arinobu Y, Atamas SP, Otsuka T, Niiro H, Yamaoka K, Mitsuyasu H, Niho Y, Hamasaki N, White B, Izuhara K., Antagonistic effects of an alternative splice variant of human IL-4, IL-4δ2 , on IL-4 activities in human monocytes and B cells. , Cell Immunol. , 10.1006/cimm.1998.1431, 191, 2, 161-167, 191: 161-167, 1999.02.
10. Mitsuyasu H, Izuhara K, Mao XQ, Gao PS, Arinobu Y, Enomoto T, Kawai M, Sasaki S, Dake Y, Hamasaki N, Shirakawa T and Hopkin JM. , Ile50Val variant of IL4R alpha upregulates IgE synthesis and associates with atopic ashma. , Nat Genet. , 10.1038/472, 19, 2, 119-120, 19: 119-120, 1998.06.
1. 續 啓史, 有信 洋二郎, 宮脇 恒太, IL-33 directly induces inflammatory molecule expression in lineage-committted myeloid progenitors and positively regulates eosinophil hematopoiesis in IL-5-dependent manner., 2015 AAAAI meeting, 2015.02.