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Ph.D. Design
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Outline Activities
Design activities for clear design objects such as designing elements (signs, street furniture, etc.) in places and spaces that specialize in public design and are used by an unspecified number of people, creating local publicity materials and sign design guidelines, etc. In various situations such as multiple social issues and technological developments, we set points to focus on and embody them in a form that can be understood by a large number of people. We are engaged in design activities for things and things that capture the design from.
In a situation where people's values ​​are diversifying, it is extremely difficult to create better things and spaces. Therefore, it is important to take actions such as "objectively grasping the situation, analyzing and considering it" as a preparation for designing. I am conducting research with the keyword "gap" as one way of thinking when "objectively grasping the situation, analyzing and considering it." Even if the same thing or space is used, it can be said that there is a difference in how it is perceived, that is, there is a gap depending on the position of the people who perceive it. We believe that designers' awareness of this difference will help them to gain the understanding of many people when designing and design proposals.
Research Interests
  • Design research on the possibility of signs that have been devised to visually imagine the tactile sensation
    keyword : Sign,Bicycle traffic space,Design
  • Study on information presentation in a bicycle passage space
    keyword : Sign,Bicycle traffic space,Design
  • Design for River Sign
    keyword : Sign, River, Design
    keyword : Design evaluation, Kansei
Academic Activities
1. #Chenyang LIU,Haruka SOGABE, The Application of Gaze Heat Maps in Impression Evaluation
-Case Study of Chinese College Students Evaluating Historical Souvenir Stores in Japan-
, International Journal of Affective Engineering,, 19巻, 1号, 67-77, 2020.01.
2. 曽我部 春香, 森田 昌嗣, Consideration on making river signage systematic , Consilience and Innovation in Design 5th International Congress of IASDR 2013 Proceedings and Program, 2770-2781, 2013.08, This research investigates, discusses, and analyzes methods to develop provisions for systematic river signage. Actions and the current status on existing river signage in Japan are investigated, and issues are extracted and categorized. Design principles for basic river signage are set, and design rules based on the principles are also determined. There are already many actions regarding river signage; however there is no consideration regarding systematic installation. River signage has been installed as a case study based on the design principles. Results of investigations on current river signage and a guideline summarizing the design principles is issued and revised. How river signage is installed in various regions is investigated and issues of the guideline and problems regarding operation are summarized. The difficulty in making the contents of the guideline well known and the practical issues in doing so are discussed. .
3. 森田 昌嗣, 曽我部 春香, An Emotionally Engaged Station Front Plaza Design Aimed at Systematizatuon and Caracterization- The Hakata Exit Station Square at JR Hakata Station, Japan, Consilience and Innovation in Design 5th International Congress of IASDR 2013 Proceedings and Program, 1541-1551, 2013.08, The basic concept for this project was established at the “Investigative com-mission for the upgrading of Hakata Station Square” in March 2010 upon discussions between residents, the government, relevant business operators, and specialists that included the author. In order to fashion a harmonized and appealing Station Square, the method of “a public design based on systematization and characterization,” a design founded on the diverse relations between elements that form the plaza, was employed. The Station Square was given a simple and easy-to- comprehend ordered design that harmonized facilities and fixtures such as entrances to the underground, bus stops, signs and lighting, with the station building and surrounding landscape. The Square’s outdoor life elements such as the pavement, greenery, and benches were given a characteristic style that expresses Hakata and Fukuoka..
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Membership in Academic Society
  • 1st JUDI Public Design Award 2011, "The Hakata Exit Station Square of JR Hakata Station", Japan Urban Design Institute, p.81 ,2.2012
Educational Activities
It is important for students to acquire comprehensive design skills through classes and seminars. How to understand, analyze and consider the current situation, how to find ideas derived from it, how to formulate concepts and logic to solve and improve them, ability to develop ideas, final design Ability to put together as a proposal For example, comprehensive design ability is required. We provide a bird's-eye view of the overall flow of design activities and provide educational guidance aimed at fostering design skills that enable them to play an active role.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Mainly through projects, we are making social contributions and international cooperation. In the main projects that I have been involved in so far, I have investigated the turbulence and incomprehensibleness of signs such as prohibitions / regulations, alerts and enlightenment installed around rivers, and design rules for river signs to improve them. Was formulated, and the River Department of the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism issued guidelines for river signs. Along with this, the development of river signs was promoted centering on the first-class rivers in Kyushu. In addition, we are conducting research on methods for raising awareness of dangerous water levels to the general public, and conducting surveys using prototypes, etc., which were examined with the cooperation of river offices and the like. As an international collaboration, a project to solicit applicants for students from both universities in collaboration with Dalian University of Technology in China, have the team study the design for the given theme, and improve each other's design ability and problem-solving thinking. Is being promoted. In addition, upon request, he participates in various committee members, residents' councils, etc., and gives lectures..