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ANTONIO JR PRUDENTE FORMACION Last modified date:2020.08.03

Lecturer / Department of International Legal Studies / Faculty of Law

1. Antonio Formacion, Smartphone App Marketplace as Privacy Gatekeepers: Protecting Personal Data One App at a Time, Kyushu University Legal Research Bulletin, 1-2018, 1-15, 1-2018, pages 1-15, 2018.01, [URL], Japan is a very connected country, reaching a high of 103.89 million internet users in 2017. Moreover, more than half this number access online services for general information, social media connection, entertainment, news, financial transactions, gps-functionaility, and other online services, conveniently through the myriad of apps installed in their smartphones, apps purchased and downloaded through the app Marketplace, the Play Store for the Android ecosystem and the App Store of the iOS ecosystem. As more and more people in Japan rely on online services for their daily lives, private companies, through their apps’ Terms of Service (TOS) and privacy policies are granted the right to collect and process vast amount of personal information about their users. Personal information (name, email, address, phone number, location, and financial data among others) as well as non-personal data through the users’ interaction with these online services are constantly being collected. This paper focuses on the state of privacy policies of popular medical and lifestyle apps available in Japan..