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Shintaro Matsuo Last modified date:2023.11.22

Associate Professor / Structural Engineering and Disaster Mitigation
Department of Architecture and Urban Design
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

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Steel Structure
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Research Interests
  • Low cycle fatigue performance of CFT members made by ultra high strength steel and concrete against long period earthquake
    keyword : Super high strength steel, Welded box column, CFT structure, Low cycle fatigue, Long period earthquake, Undermatched weld
  • Study on PCa CFT members with high-strength bolts
    keyword : CFT structure, PCa member, high-strength bolt, column joint, compressive behavior, bending behavior
  • Study on simplified reinforcement method for wide flange beams with web opening
    keyword : Steel structure, wide flange beam with web opening, reinforcement for web opening, high strength bolt, plug welding, reinforcement design
  • Structural performance of CFT members and connections made by undermatched welds
    keyword : Undermatched weld, Super high strength steel, beam-to-column joint panel, Welded box column, CFT structure
  • Development of steel beam to column connection with ductile iron connectors
    keyword : Ductile iron, Beam-to-column connection, High strength bolt, Square steel tubular column
  • Evaluation of mechanical behavior and design method of concrete filled steel tubular column to beam connection
    keyword : Concrete filled steel tubu, beam to column connection
  • A Study on Mechanical Behavior of CFT Connection with Built-in Reinforcements
    keyword : CFT, Built-in Reinforcements, Plastic Strength, Hysteretic Behavior, Connection, Joint
  • Mechanical performance and design of steel beam to column connections.
    keyword : Steel structure, Beam to column connection, Design of connection, High-strength bolt
  • Seismic performance of steel structures affected by uncertainties such as yield point.
    keyword : Steel structure, Seismic performance, Yield point, Energy absorption, Plactic failure mechanism, column overdesign factor
Academic Activities
1. 幸田智輝,松尾真太朗, 高力ボルトを用いた鉄骨梁貫通孔補強効果に与える補強範囲,初期導入軸力およびウェブ幅厚比の影響, 都市・建築学研究 : 九州大学大学院人間環境学研究院紀要, 38, 37-46, 2020.07, We have proposed a design method for reinforcing steel beams with web opening assembled by high-strength
bolts, and experimentally verified the reinforcement effect. We studied on the reinforcement and application range
of the method, which gave the following achievements; i) the current design method can provide sufficient
reinforcement even if the range of reinforcement was changed, ii) we confirmed the reinforcement effect of this
reinforcement design with different web-thickness ratio and iii) the reinforced beams which reduced the initial
axial force of high-strength bolts had the same yield stress as the beams which satisfied design condition..
2. Shintaro MATSUO, Ryu HIGUCHI, Nobuyuki YASUI, STUDY ON SIMPLIFIED REINFORCEMENT METHOD FOR WIDE FLANGE BEAMS WITH WEB OPENING, 12th Pacific Structural Steel Conference (PSSC'19), 12, 3-4-3, 2019.11, This paper presents the study on perforated wide flange beams reinforced with two steel plates connecting by four high strength bolts. In the previous research, we proposed reinforcement design method and conducted monotonic loading test. As a result, fundamental structural performance and reinforcement effect for the reinforced specimen were confirmed, and validity of the proposed design method has been revealed. On the other hand, from the experimental results, the fact that there is possibility of reduction of the design stress on reinforcing plates calculated by the proposed design method was also confirmed. In this paper, the mechanical behavior under cyclic loading has been investigated taking several factors related to reinforcement design such as initial bolt clamping force or strength of reinforcing plates. From this test, it has been revealed that this reinforcement method is also effective for perforated beams under cyclic loading, and the experimental variables had small influence on the behavior of the specimens..
4. MOU Ben, 松尾 真太朗, 段差を有する外ダイアフラム形式コンクリート充填角形鋼管柱梁接合部パネルに関する解析的研究, 都市・建築学研究 : 九州大学大学院人間環境学研究院紀要, 28, 79-94, 2015.07, This paper presents an analytical study on offset H-shaped steel beam to square concrete filled steel tubular column connection panels with exterior diaphragms. This research focuses on the full plastic strength and collapse mechanisms of the offset beam-to-CFT column connection panels, and investigates the influence of difference in beam depth and width to thickness ratio on the elasto-plastic behaviors of the offset beam-to-CFT column connection panels. The feasibility of analytical models generated by MSC. Marc 2012 is verified by a set of experimental results presented in the companion paper. Parameters used in this analytical study includes: differences in beam depths, width to thickness ratio and loading directions. FEM results suggest that the assumed collapse mechanisms can predict the failure modes of FEM models reasonably. Owing to overlooking confined effect by steel tubes on concrete panels, the proposed formulae underestimated the full plastic shear strength of the offset panels. On the basis of experimental and analytical results, an enhancement coefficient formula is proposed, which is derived from regression analysis taking the effect of width to thickness ratio of steel tubes and beam depth ratio into consideration..
5. Basic Study on Mechanical Characteristic of Friction Surface between Aluminum-Sprayed Steel Plate and Blasted Steel Plate.
6. Ben MOU, Shintaro MATSUO, Ryusuke IKEDA, Akihiko KAWANO, Strength Estimation Method of Offset Beam-to-Column Connection Panels with Exterior Diaphragms Considering the Effect of Axial Force Ratio, 鋼構造論文集, 21, 81, 55-64, 2014.03.
7. Elasto-Plastic Behavior of Offset Beam-to-Column Connection Panels with Exterior Diaphragms.
8. Shintaro Matsuo, Takuro Oyamada, Masaki Ozono, ELASTO-PLASTIC BEHAVIOR OF OFFSET BEAM-TO-COLUMN CONNECTION PANELS WITH EXTERIOR DIAPHRAGMS, ISEC-7, New Development in Strctural Engineering & Construction, 195-200, 2013.06, This paper presents the behavior of offset beam-to-column connection panels with exterior diaphragms. The plastic strength of panel is proposed based on two collapse mechanisms of the connection panels. One of the mechanisms is only panel yielding type which is the same as
the standard panel. The other is a mechanism by a combination of yielding in some parts such as panels, exterior diaphragms and column tube wall. In order to confirm the applicability of the strength, cyclic loading tests of cruciform subassemblages were conducted. As a result, the strength and assumed collapse mechanisms were in good agreement with the test results..
9. Akihiko Kawano, Qiyun Qiao, Shintaro Matsuo, Toshihiko Ninakawa, A Study on Connection of Concrete Filled Steel Tubes by Using Built-in Steel Bars, Advanced Materials Research, Vols.374-377, pp.1704-1723, 2011.10.
10. Experimental Study on Comparison of Plastic Deformation Capacity of Steel Beam-to-Column Connections
-Comparison Between Through Diaphragm Type Connection and Bolted Connection Type Connection-.
11. Fullscale experiment of a steel frame reinforced by the stud-type damper using steel shear panels.
12. Mechanical behavior of stud-type damper using steel shear panels.
2. MOU Ben, IKEDA Ryusuke and MATSUO Shintaro, Elasto-plastic Behavior of Offset H Shaped Steel Beam to Concrete Filled Square Steel Tube Column Connection Panel with Exterior Diaphragms (Part 4. Improved collapse mechanism and validation for formulae), 日本建築学会研究報告九州支部, 2015.03.
3. MOU Ben, IKEDA Ryusuke, MATSUO Shintaro, KAWANO Akihiko, Elasto-plastic Behaviors of Offset Beam to Concrete Filled Square Steel Tube Column Connection Panel with exterior Diaphragms (Part 3. Simulation of the experimental results by using finite element method analysis), 日本建築学会大会, 2014.09.
4. MOU Ben, IKEDA Ryusuke, TAKEUCHI Takuya, MATSUO Shintaro, KAWANO Akihiko*, Elasto-plastic Behavior of Offset H Shaped Steel Beam to Concrete Filled Square Steel Tube Column Connection Panel with Exterior Diaphragms (Part 3. Simulation of the experimental results by using finite element method analysis), 日本建築学会九州支部, 2014.03.
5. Shintaro MATSUO, Takuro OYAMADA, Bi-axial Loading Tests of Beam-to-Column Connection with Exterior Diaphragms, 7th International Symposium on Steel Structures (ISSS-2013), 2013.11, Exterior diaphragm type connection, which does not require full penetration weld, is a rational method of connection between beams and columns in terms of high reliability for its seismic performance. All of previous studies on the connection targeted one-direction loading, and the design method has been established. On the other hand, there could be the case that structural designers are required to assume the connections to be input from two perpendicular directions. In this paper, a systematic cyclic loading tests of beam-to-column connection with exterior diaphragms was conducted in order to confirm the effects of various parameters on the connections under two-direction loading. As a result, it mainly revealed that both yield and plastic strength of the connection under bi-axial loading decreased relative to those under one-direction loading..
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society of Steel Construction
  • Architectural Institute of Japan