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Daisuke Sumiyoshi Last modified date:2023.11.22

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Field of Specialization
Architectural Equipment
Outline Activities
I'm researching to reduce the energy consumption in architectures.
The research themes are
-Optimization of Passive design method
-Examination of effective usage of the fuel cell system for residential housings
-Operation Optimization of air-conditioning system
-Develop the design method of air-conditioning system
-and so on
I work on variety things for the achievement of the sustainable society and world.
Research Interests
  • Development of building energy conservation performance diagnosis and nudge system by BI-Tech
    keyword : BI-Tech
  • 【Urban】Optimization of energy supply system in an area with GIS
    keyword : PV, Fuel cell, battery, demand, leveling
  • 【Building】Research on demand response methods for non-residential buildings
    keyword : non-residential buildings, demand response, energy conservation, simulation
  • 【House】Research on reverse power flow of fuel cells in housing complex
    keyword : measurement, electricity, Fuel Cells
  • 【House】Development of residential energy simulation method
    keyword : Simulation, Housing, electricity
  • 【Behavior Change】Development of Energy Education method for kids
    keyword : Energy Environment Education
  • 【Behavior Change】Study on induction of energy conservation action for realizing behavior change in architecture
    keyword : Behavior change, sustainable society, life style, visualization, psychology
Academic Activities
1. Evaluation and Analysis of adopted projects as "The Model Project for Promoting CO2 Reduction in Housing and Building, Category: General" (in fiscal 2008-2009).
1. Energy Saving Effect of Integrated Piping in Building HVAC System.
2. Daisuke Sumiyoshi, Takahiro Yamamoto, Tomoko Hirata, Yusuke Shigematsu, Installation Effect Estimation of Fuel Cells in an Apartment by Simulation Analysis, Microgen4, 12-19, 2015.10, Installation Effect Estimation of Fuel Cells in an Apartment by Simulation Analysis.
3. The Examination for Suitable spec of Solid Oxide Fuel Co-Generation System and the Proposal of Tank Minimization by Using Bas-tab in Collective housing.
4. Daisuke Sumiyoshi, Naomiki Matsushita, Je-Hyeon Lee, and Yasunori Akashi, DEVELOPMENT OF THE AUTOMATIC OPTIMIZATION AND DEGRADATION DETECTION TOOL FOR HVAC PRIMARY SYSTEM, Building Simulation 2011, pp.1792-1799, 2011.11, In many building air-conditioning systems, the fixed set values are generally used throughout the year, concerning each set value of supply air temperature, outlet temperature, pressure, etc. However, it is possible to achieve energy-saving by the optimization of the air-conditioning system operation, which involves selecting the best set value according to the ever-changing outside environment and the thermal load of the building. In addition, equipment containing an air-conditioning system gradually degrade through everyday use. This is the reason they fail to fully demonstrate the level of performance, which was estimated when they were designed. For this reason, if we understand such a degradation condition, we could determine the appropriate timing to repair, exchange and overhaul the equipment. Moreover, we could possibly prevent complaints caused by their incapability and energy waste throughout the year.
Therefore, in this study, we developed an automatic optimization and degradation detection tool..
Works, Software and Database
1. .
2. .
1. Daisuke Sumiyoshi, et al., Performance Evaluation of the Automatic Optimization and Degradation Detection Tool for Chiller Plants, ICEBO 2015, International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations, 2014.9, 2014.09.
2. Initial Commissioning of Heating and Cooling Plant System
Part7 Revision of the Simulation Model and Development of control logic to improve system performance.
3. Development of automatic optimization and degradation detection tool in heat source system of air-conditioning system.
Educational Activities
In the graduate school course "Special Lectures on Sustainable Building Energy," we are developing classes that share information and exchange opinions that will serve as a stepping stone to solve various issues toward building a sustainable society. I aim to build the attitude of a person toward a sustainable society.
I hope that many students will recognize the challenges in the field of architecture, and lead the architecture of the coming era from Kyushu University.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2010.06.