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Atsushi Katsuda Last modified date:2022.04.25

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Outline Activities
Differential Geometry, Spectral Geometry
Research Interests
  • Isometry groups of almost nonpositive Ricci curvature
    keyword : Ricci curvature, isometry group,Killing vector fields
  • Asymptotic behavior of the heat kernel on covering spaces and closed orbits of hyperbolic dynamical system
    keyword : Heat kernel, Closed orbits
  • Stability of inverse spectral problem

    keyword : spectre inverse problem
Academic Activities
1. Atsushi Katsuda, @Toshikazu Sunada, CLOSED ORBITS IN HOMOLOGY CLASSES, Inst. Hautes Études Sci. Publ. Math., 71, 71, 5-32, 1990.08.
2. M. Anderson, A. Katsuda, Y. Kurylev, M. Lassas, M. Taylor, Boundary regularity for the Ricci equation, geometric convergence, and Gel'fand's inverse boundary problem, Invent. Math., 158, 2, 261-321, 2004.11.
1. 勝田 篤, Toward a geometric density theorem for nilpotent extensions, Low diemnsional topology and number theory V, 2013.03.