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Jiro HASUMI Last modified date:2021.09.11

Professor / Politics / Department of Political Science / Faculty of Law

1. HASUMI, J., 'Civic republicanism without a virtue theory: Jeffery Hinchliff's argument of citizenship education,' Sekiguchi Masashi (ed.), Tokyo: Fukosha, 2019.
2. HASUMI, J. 'To what extent should we save the poor: Rawls's A Theory of Justice and Sen's The Idea of Justice,' K. Naoe (ed.), Philosophy Training 2 Society, Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, pp.98-109..
3. INOUE Narahiko, HASUMI Jiro and SUWA Akihiko, 'A Pros (eds.)pect of Debate Education,' Fukuoka: Hanashoin..
4. Yamazumi, K., K. Yamazumi, and J. Hasumi, Japanese Translation of Engeström, J., 'From Teams to Knots: Activity-theoretical Studies of Collaboration and Learning at Work (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008),' Kyoto: Shinyosha, 2013..
5. HASUMI, J., 'Political Corruption,' Koga Keita (ed.), Historical Development of Political Concepts, Vol. 6, Kyoto: Koyo Shobo, 2013, pp.242-267.
6. HASUMI, J., 'Citizenship as Mutual Learning,' Centre for Human Activity Theory, Kansai University (ed.), Eating Education for Mutual Learning: The New School for Children, Tokyo: Chuokoronshinsha, 2008, pp.141-150.
7. HASUMI, J., 'Citizenship Education: "The Crick Report," S. Okazaki and M. Kimura (eds.) Introduction to Politics, Kyoto: Minerva Shobo, 2008, pp.240-250.
8. Bell, D. A., East Meets West: Human Rights and Democracy in East Asia, (T. SE and J. HASUMI (tr.)) Tokyo: Fukosha, 2006.