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Iwami Shingo Last modified date:2020.01.19

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Theoretical virology & immunology
Research Interests
  • Computational Virology and Immunology
    keyword : Mathematical model, Virus, Immune system, Experimental data, Quantification
Current and Past Project
  • HIV infection is a chronic infection characterized by an extremely long disease progression. Therefore, in order to prevent the disease spread, we should develop an AIDS vaccine which is effective for a long time. Even now, although it has passed 26 years from the discovery of HIV, we have not developed an effective AIDS vaccine. In this research, by using both mathematical models and animal experiments, I try to understand and inspect immune responses against the infection in rhesus macaques experimentally and theoretically. And, from a view point of theoretical immunology, I search and propose a new idea to develop the vaccine.
Academic Activities
1. Iwamoto M, Saso W, Sugiyama R, Ishii K, Ohki M, Nagamori S, Suzuki R, Aizaki H, Ryo A, Yun JH, Park SY, Ohtani N, Muramatsu M, Iwami S, Tanaka Y, Sureau C, Wakita T, Watashi K., Epidermal growth factor receptor is a host-entry cofactor triggering hepatitis B virus internalization., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 116(17):8487-8492, 2019.04.