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Naoki Ikegaya Last modified date:2020.05.23

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Dr. Eng.
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Field of Specialization
Urban canopy, scalar transfer, urban environment
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Outline Activities
There are several crucial environmental problems in an urban such as heat island phenomena and gas dispersion. We have investigated the effects of an urban geometry on the wind and thermal environment. We adopts both wind tunnel experiments and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). By means of wind tunnel experiments, the momentum and mass transfer coefficients have been measured to discuss the effects of an urban geometry. These database can improve existing models of momentum and mass transfer. By using CFD, a detailed flow and gas concentration field has been analyzed to grasp the wind and thermal comfort at the pedestrian level.
Research Interests
  • Investigation on the effects of an urban geometry on the scalar transfer between urban area in the atmosphere
    keyword : Urban climate, Urban Canopy, Scalar Transfer, Scalar Dispersion, Momentum transfer, Turbulent Structure, Unsteady Building Ventilation, LES, RANS, CFD, Wind-tunnel Experiment, Salinity Method, Filter Paper Method, Turbulent Boundary Layer, Wake flow, Bulk
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  • Japan Association for Wind Engineering
  • JSFM
  • AIJ