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Kazuya Kunitomo Last modified date:2020.07.14

Professor / Reaction Engineering for Materials
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

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Academic Degree
Dr. Eng.
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Material process engineering
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Development of steel mill dust recycling technology
    keyword : steel mill dust, recycling, reduction
  • Quantification of effects of hydrogen partial pressure on reaction in blast furnace
    keyword : hydrogen, Blast furnace, reduction
  • Behavior of iron coke in blast furnace
    keyword : iron coke, reduction, carbon, gasification, blast furnace
  • Effect of biomass's char in ironmaking process
    keyword : reduction, gasification, carburisation, biomass, char, carbon dioxide
  • Melting, separation and cohesion behavior of slag and metal
    keyword : slag, melting, separation, cohesion, carburisation, hydrogen
  • Reduction rate of calcium ferrite in sintering ore
    keyword : sintered ore, reduction, hydrogen, calcium ferrite
  • Combustion rate control of carbon in quasi-particles in sintering process
    keyword : sintered ore, carbon, quasi-particle, coke, combustion
  • Producing technology of high active metallic iron using biomass char
    keyword : reduction, biomass char, carbon dioxide, metallic iron
  • Optimization of material and energy flow in integrated steelworks
    keyword : integrated steelworks, COG, hydrogen, biomass, carbon dioxide
  • Behavior of hydrogen in hydrogen reduction of iron ore
    keyword : hydrogen, reduction, diffusion, carbon dioxide, blast furnace
  • Hydrogen production using high active metailic iron
    keyword : oxidation, hydrogen, carbon dioxide
  • Influence and control of gasification of carbon in blast furnace
    keyword : blast furnace, carbon, gasification, crystallization, burden distribution
Academic Activities
1. Tsunehisa Nishimura, Kenichi Higuchi, Masaaki Naito, Kazuya Kunitomo, Evaluation of Softening, Shrinking and Melting Reduction Behavior of Raw Materials for Blast Furnace, ISIJ International, 51, 1316-1321, 2011.08.
2. Kenichi Higuchi, Seiji Nomura, Kazuya Kunitomo, Hirokazu Yokoyama, Masaaki Naito, Enhancement of Low-temperature Gasification and Reduction by Using Iron Coke in Laboratory Scale Tests, ISIJ International, 51, 1308-1315, 2011.08.
3. Mio Hiroshi , Komatsuki Satoshi , Akashi Masatoshi , Shimosaka Atsuko , Shirakawa Yoshiyuki , Hidaka Jusuke , Kadowaki Masatomo , Matsuzaki Shinroku , Kunitomo Kazuya, Effect of Chute Angle on Charging Behavior of Sintered Ore Particles at Bell-less Type Charging System of Blast Furnace by Discrete Element Method, ISIJ International, 49, 479-486, 2009.04.
4. KUNITOMO Kazuya , TAKAMOTO Yasushi , NAITO Masaaki , YAGI Jun-ichiro, Blast Furnace Ironmaking System Using Partially Reduced Iron Ore Reduced by an Energy Source with Low Carbon Content, Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy, 84, 126-133, 2005.02.
1. Kazuya Kunitomo, Energy and mass balance evaluation of actions for efficiency improvement of blast furnace ironmaking process, 1st InternationalConference on Energy and Material Efficiency and CO2 Reduction in the Steel Industry, 2017.10.
2. Kyohei YOKOTA, Kazuya Kunitomo, Ko-ichiro Ohno, Jun OKAZAKI, Tsunehisa NISHIMURA, Satoshi KOGURE, EFFECT OF WOODY BIOMASS ON REDUCTION BEHAVIOR OF IRON OXIDE, ICSTI - The International Congress on the Science and Technology of Ironmaking , 2012.10.
3. Effect of cooling rate on mineralogical texture of iron ore sinter, 6th European Coke and Ironmaking Congress, Germany, 2011.
4. Effect of agglomeration agent on structure change and pressure drop in sintering bed, 6th European Coke and Ironmaking Congress, Germany, 2011.
5. Blast Furnace Ironmaking Process Using Pre-reduced Iron Ore, The 4th International Congress on the Science and Technology of Ironmaking (ICSTI2006), Japan, 2006.
6. High-production blast furnace operation with high-rate pulverized coal injection and analysis of samples taken from it, The 1st International Meeting on Ironmaking, Brazil, 2001.
7. Development of dynamic control technology of dead-man in blast furnace, The first international congress on science and technology of ironmaking, Japan, 1994.
8. Iron Ore Reduction in a Circulating Fluidized Bed, Ironmaking Conference 48, United States of America, 1989.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan
  • The Japan Institute of Energy
  • The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
  • The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
  • Yamaoka Award (Joint Research Prize), The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (2012)
  • Sawamura Award (The Best Year's Paper Award), The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (2010)
  • Tawara Award (The Best Year's Paper Award), The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (2010)
  • Yamaoka Award (Joint Research Prize), The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (1997)