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Nagata Takashi Last modified date:2021.07.08

Assistant Professor / Department of Advanced Medical Initiatives, Faculty of Medical Sciences
Department of Advanced Medical Initiatives
Faculty of Medical Sciences

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Field of Specialization
emergency medicine, disaster medicine, emergency management, injury epidemiology
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
The objective of the academic activities as a faculty of Kyushu University is to purse high quality education and research focusing on emergency and disaster medicine based on the long-year field experiences. Labor safety is also an important topic.
Research, education, and practice of emergency management will be also prioritized. Radiation and nuclear disaster medicine is also handled as an important issue.
Research Interests
  • Securing hospital employees in the radiation/nuclear disaster based on the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake
    keyword : risk, Fukushima, nuclear disaster, hospital
  • risk assessment and vertical evacuation for hospitals in case of large scale disaster
    keyword : hospital evacuation, vertical evacuation, safety assurance, leadership, risk assessment
  • Business Continuity Plan for Nuclear disaster base hospitals in Japan
    keyword : nuclear disaster base hospital, BCP
  • Care Under Fire
    keyword : tactical medicine, gunshot, bomb, terror, mass shooting, CBRNE
  • Marathon Medicine, Event Medicine
    keyword : marathon, safety, cardiopulmonary arrest, first aid, mass gathering
  • Prefecture level training for disaster medicine coordination
    keyword : disaster medicine, coordination, Incident Command System
  • Emergency medicine: clinical
    Disaster Medicine: Japan Medical Association Team, Cloud-based disaster information system
    Emergency Management: Incident Command System
    Injury epidemiology: traffic injuries among older people in Japan
    keyword : emergency medicine, disaster medicine, emergency management, injury epidemiology
Academic Activities
1. Nagata Takashi, Lefore Alan, Hasegawa Manabu, Favipiravir, a new medication for the Ebola virus disease pandemic, Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 2014.11.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Association of Disaster Medicine
  • Japanese Society of Emergency Medicine
  • International Association of Emergency Manager
  • American College of Emergency Physician
  • Japan Association of Acute Medicine
Educational Activities
1. bed side teaching about emergency medical system and resuscitation for the 5th grade medical student (Kyushu University)
2. lecture of emergency medicine and resuscitation for the nurse student (Kyushu University)
3. lecture for disaster and emergency management for the master student of health science (Kyushu University)
4. lecture and training about disaster medicine, emergency management, and clinical epidemiology for the doctors and other healthcare professionals according to the request
Other Educational Activities
  • 2012.08.
Professional and Outreach Activities
2005. August - registered as Doctor for Japan Medical Team for Disaster Relief at JICA
2011. August - Reserved Medical Officer (Major)
2016. May - registered as Team Doctor for Japan Disaster Relief infection control team at JICA.