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Masaki Shiota Last modified date:2019.06.25

Lecturer / Department of Urology
Kyushu University Hospital

Graduate School

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Genitourinary Oncology, Prostate Cancer
Research Interests
  • The study on laparoscopic and robotic surgery
    keyword : laparoscopic and robotic
  • Androgen receptor in prostate cancer and bladder cancer
    The mechnism of castration-resistant prostate cancer
    Clinical research on the mechanism of prostate cancer progression
    keyword : Genitourinary Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Androgen Receptor, Oxidative Stress
Academic Activities
1. Shiota M, Yokomizo A, Fujimoto N, Kuruma H, Naito S:, Castration-resistant prostate cancer: novel therapeutics pre- or post- taxane administration., Curr Cancer Drug Targets, 13 (4): 444-459, 2013, 2013.04.
2. Shiota M, Yokomizo A, Naito S:, Pro-survival and anti-apoptotic properties of androgen receptor signaling by oxidative stress contributes to treatment resistance in prostate cancer., Endocr Relat Cancer, 2012.06.
3. Shiota M, Yokomizo A, Naito S, Oxidative stress and androgen receptor signaling in the development and progression of castration-resistant prostate cancer, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 2011.10.
4. Shiota M, Yokomizo A, Fujimoto N, Naito S, Androgen receptor cofactors in prostate cancer: potential therapeutic targets of castration-resistant prostate cancer, Current Cancer Drug Targets, 2011.09.
5. Shiota M, Yokomizo A, Naito S, Increased androgen receptor transcription: a cause of castration-resistant prostate cancer and a possible therapeutic target, Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, 2011.07.
1. Shiota M, Kashiwagi E, Yokomizo A, Takeuchi A, Dejima T, Song Y, Tatsugami K, Inokuchi J, Uchiumi T, Naito S:, Interaction between docetaxel resistance and castration resistance in prostate cancer: Implications of twist1, YB-1, and androgen receptor., Prostate, 73 (12): 1336-1344, 2013, 2013.12.
2. Masaki Shiota, Human heterochromatin protein 1 isoforms regulate androgen receptor signaling in prostate cancer, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR ENDOCRINOLOGY, 10.1530/JME-13-0024, 50, 3, 401-409, 2013.06.
3. Shiota M, Zardan A, Takeuchi A, Kumano M, Beraldi E, Naito S, Zoubeidi A, Gleave ME:, Clusterin Mediates TGF-β-Induced Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Metastasis via Twist1 in Prostate Cancer Cells., Cancer Res, 72 (20): 5261-5272, 2012, 2012.10.
4. Shiota M, Takeuchi A, Yokomizo A, Kashiwagi E, Tatsugami K, Naito S:, Methyltransferase inhibitor adenosine dialdehyde suppresses androgen receptor expression and prostate cancer growth., J Urol, 188 (1): 300-306, 2012, 2012.07.
5. Shiota M, Takeuchi A, Yokomizo A, Kashiwagi E, Tatsugami K, Kuroiwa K, Naito S:, Androgen receptor signaling regulates cell growth and vulnerability to doxorubicin in bladder cancer., J Urol, 188 (1): 276-286, 2012, 2012.07.
6. Shiota M, Song Y, Takeuchi A, Yokomizo A, Kashiwagi E, Kuroiwa K, Tatsugami K, Uchiumi T, Oda Y, Naito S:, Antioxidant therapy alleviates oxidative stress by androgen deprivation and prevents conversion from androgen dependent to castration resistant prostate cancer., J Urol, 187 (2): 707-714, 2012, 2012.02.
7. Shiota M, Song Y, Yokomizo A, Kiyoshima K, Tada Y, Uchino H, Uchiumi T, Inokuchi J, Oda Y, Kuroiwa K, Tatsugami K, Naito S, Foxo3a suppression promotes urothelial cancer invasion through Twist1, Y-box-binding protein 1 and E-cadherin regulation, Clinical Cancer Research, 16, 23, 5654-5663, 2010.12.
8. Shiota M, Yokomizo A, Tada Y, Inokuchi J, Kashiwagi E, Masubuchi D, Eto M, Uchiumi T, Naito S, Castration resistance of prostate cancer cells caused by castration-induced oxidative stress through Twist1 and androgen receptor overexpression, Oncogene, 29, 2, 237-250, 2010.01.
9. Shiota M, Izumi H, Tanimoto A, Takahashi M, Miyamoto N, Kashiwagi E, Kidani A, Hirano G, Masubuchi D, Fukunaka Y, Yasuniwa Y, Naito S, Nishizawa S, Sasaguri Y, Kohno K, Programmed cell death protein 4 down-regulates Y-box binding protein-1 expression via a direct interaction with Twist1 to suppress cancer cell growth, Cancer Research, 69, 7, 3148-3156, 2009.07.
10. Shiota M, Izumi H, Onitsuka T, Miyamoto N, Kashiwagi E, Kidani A, Hirano G, Takahashi M, Naito S, Kohno K, Twist and p53 reciprocally regulate target genes via direct interaction, Oncogene, 27, 42, 5543-5553, 2008.09.
11. Shiota M, Izumi H, Onitsuka T, Miyamoto N, Kashiwagi E, Kidani A, Yokomizo A, Naito S, Kohno K, Twist promotes tumor cell growth through YB-1 expression, Cancer Research, 68, 1, 98-105, 2008.01.
Membership in Academic Society
  • European Urological Association
  • Japan Society of Clinical Oncology
  • American Urological Association
  • The Japanese Urological Association
  • Japanese Cancer Association
  • American Association of Cancer Research
  • The Japanese Association for Molecular Target Therapy of Cancer
  • Incitement Award of the Japanese Cancer Association