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Tetsushi Murao Last modified date:2023.06.29

Associate Professor / Economic Systems Analysis
Department of Economic Engineering
Faculty of Economics

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Ph.D. in Economics
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Field of Specialization
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Outline Activities
Heterogeneous agent models (Schumpeterian growth, incomplete markets) and its empirical application.
Research Interests
  • Macroeconomics
    keyword : Distribution of firms/consumers and macroeconomy; Heterogeneous agent models; Structural estimation of dynamic general equilibrium models; Economic growth/development, Long-run Phillips curve
Academic Activities
1. Tetsushi Murao, Long-run Phillips curve in dual economies with frictional labor markets and wealth inequality, European Economic Association, 31st Annual Congress, 2016.08, [URL].
2. Tetsushi Murao, Competition and Growth through Reallocation with Heterogeneous Schumpeterian Effects (co-authored with Makoto Nirei) , Royal Economic Society, 2014 Annual Conference, 2014.04, [URL].
3. Tetsushi Murao, Entry Barriers and Growth through Reallocation with Heterogeneous Schumpeterian Effect (co-authored with Makoto Nirei), European Economic Association, 28th Annual Congress, 2013.08, [URL].
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Econometric Society
  • American Economic Association
  • European Economic Association
  • Royal Economic Society
  • European Association for Research in Industrial Economics
  • Society for Computational Economics
  • Japanese Economic Association
  • Hongyo Prize for the best undergraduate thesis in Economics at Yokohama National University in 2004