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Hiromitsu Araki Last modified date:2023.09.25

Assistant Professor / Department of Business and Technology Management
Department of Business and Technology Management
Faculty of Economics

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Systems Life Sciences
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Research Interests
  • DNA methylation analysis for cancer and iPS cells
    keyword : cancer, iPS cells, DNA methylation
  • Discovery of prognostic biomarkers for peptide vaccine efficacy
    keyword : peptide vaccine, tailor made medicine
  • Development of gene set database
    keyword : Gene set enrichment analysis
  • Gene network analysis
    keyword : Bayesian network, gene expression
  • Discovery of new drug targets and diagnosis markers based on gene expression analysis
    keyword : genome-based drug discovery, gene expression
Academic Activities
Works, Software and Database
1. Most "omics" experiments require comprehensive interpretation of the biological meaning of gene lists. To address this requirement, a number of gene set analysis (GSA) tools have been developed. Although the biological value of GSA is strictly limited by the breadth of the gene sets used, very few methods exist for simultaneously analysing multiple publically available gene set databases. Therefore, we constructed GeneSetDB (, a comprehensive meta-database, which integrates 26 public databases containing diverse biological information with a particular focus on human disease and pharmacology. GeneSetDB enables users to search for gene sets containing a gene identifier or keyword, generate their own gene sets, or statistically test for enrichment of an uploaded gene list across all gene sets, and visualise gene set enrichment and overlap using a clustered heat map.