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Tasuke Okamoto Last modified date:2020.07.01

Associate Professor / International Symbiosis
Department of Multicultural Society
Faculty of Languages and Cultures

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Academic Degree
Ph.D (Languages and Cultures)
Field of Specialization
American Literature, American Culture, Critical Theories
Outline Activities
Field of research: American literature (drama and fiction), critical theory
Educational activities: Teaching English for the KIKAN education program
Research Interests
  • Study in the history and cultural diversity of the representations of family in American drama
    keyword : American drama, family, history, culture
  • The application of Critical Theory to contemporary American drama
    keyword : American drama, critical theory, from the sign to the body, affect, performance
  • American drama and critical theory, American literature and science/technology, the environment and animals
    keyword : American literature (drama, fiction), American culture, Cultural representation, Critical theories, popular culture, ecocriticism, technology and science, animals
Academic Activities
1. Expressive Identity in Sam Shepard's Plays.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The American Drama Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Association for American Studies
  • The English Literary Society of Japan
  • The American Literature Society of Japan
  • The ALSJ Young Scholar Award is given every year for the most distinguished research papers written by young researchers under 40 and included in the Journal of the American Literature Society of Japan (Japanese and English issues). Okamoto won the award in 2011 for his paper "What to Narrate, How to Narrate: A Formal Analysis of Suzan-Lori Parks's The America Play."
Educational Activities
Teaching English in several classes of the KIKAN education course (Academic Engish A: Production, Reception, Aacademic English B: Integrated, Academic English C: Theme-based, Intensive English: Academic Issues, and others).