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Akira Kurihara Last modified date:2023.11.27

Assistant Professor / Animal and Marine Bioresource Sciences
Department of Bioresource Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Science
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Phylogeny and taxonomy of macroalgae
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Research (key words: biodiversity, aquaculture)
I am broadly interested in systematics and biogeography of marine macroalgae. In particular, I am focusing on species of seaweeds that are commercially valuable in fisheries science. In addition to this, I am interested in seaweed aquaculture. Porphyra ('nori'), Undaria ('Wakame') and Laminaria ('Konbu') are major sources of algal mariculture, but there are more edible seaweeds in Japan, which are consumed locally but are not utilized broadly at present. I would like to explore and develop such species as novel seaweed resources.

For undergraduate students in School of Agriculture: Basic Biology Laboratory (anatomy of invertebrates); Fisheries Biology Laboratory I (algae).
For undergraduate students as general education: Natural Science Experiments (Biology)
Research Interests
  • Taxonomic and phylogenetic studies of marine and freshwater macroalgae
    keyword : molecular phylogeny, freshwater algae, marine algae, red algae, genetic diversity
  • Conservation and Ecological studies of benthic marine and freshwater algae
    keyword : population maintenance mechanism, landscape, light environment, endangered species
  • A study of phytoremediation using aquatic plants, especially seaweeds
    keyword : water quality, aquaculture, nutrient uptake, phytoremeiation, seaweeds
  • Phylogenetic, taxonomic, and life history studies on marine macroalgae; Studies on utilization of valuable marine algal resources;
    keyword : algal culture, genetic diversity, life history, marine macroalgae, phylogeny, seaweeds, taxonomy
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Botanical Society of Japan
  • The Japanese society of fisheries science
  • International Phycological Society
  • The Japanese Society of Phycology
Educational Activities
Undergraduate courses for School of Agriculture: Basic Biology Experiment (in part; for 2nd year students), Laboratory in Fisheries Biology I (in part; for 3rd year students), Phycology (for 3rd year students), Fisheries Science & Aquaculture, and Environmental and Ecological Science for Animal Production (for internationa students); Fisheries Practice in Phycology (in part; for 3rd year students) and Practice in Aquaculture (in part; for 3rd year students)

Classes for the Master's course at Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironment: Fisheries Science & Aquaculture and Animal-Fisheries Resources and Conservation