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Fujibuchi Toshioh Last modified date:2020.05.19

Professor / Quantum Radiation Sciences
Department of Health Sciences
Faculty of Medical Sciences

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Academic Degree
Ph.D in Medicine
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Radiation Protection
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Medical Health physics, protecting patient and medical staff from radiation exposure, monitoring of the exposures, radioactive waste management
    keyword : Health physics,Radiation exposure, monitoring of the exposures, radioactive waste management
Academic Activities
1. Fujibuchi T, Yamaguchi I, Kasahara T, Iimori T, Masuda Y, Kimura K, Watanabe H, Isobe T, Sakae T, Measurement of thermal neutron fluence distribution with use of 23Na radioactivation around a medical compact cyclotron, Radiological Physics and Technology, 2, 2, 159-165, 2009.12.
2. Fujibuchi T, Funabashi N, Hashimoto M, Kato H, Kurokawa M, Deloar H M, Kunieda E, Komuro I, Sakae T, Estimate of Organ Radiation Absorbed Doses in Clinical CT using the Radiation Treatment Planning System, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 142, 174-183, 2010.06.
3. Fujibuchi T, Tanabe Y, Sakae T, Terunuma T, Isobe T, Kawamura H, Yasuoka K, Matsumoto T, Harano H, Nishiyama J, Masuda A, Nohtomi A, Feasibility study on using imaging plates to estimate thermal neutron fluence in neutron-gamma mixed fields, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 147, 3, 394-400, 2011.03.
4. Fujibuchi T, Yonai S, Yoshida M, Sakae T, Watanabe H, Abe Y, Itami J, Measurement of Activity Distribution Using Photostimulable Phosphor Imaging Plates in Decommissioned 10 MV Medical Linear Accelerator, Operational Radiation Safety, 107, Suppl 2, S158-S162, 2014.08.
5. Fujibuchi T, Nohtomi A, Baba S, Sasaki M, Komiya I, Umedzu Y, Honda H, Distribution of residual long-lived radioactivity in the inner concrete walls of a compact medical cyclotron vault room, Annals of Nuclear Medicine, 29, 1, 84-90, 2015.01.
6. Fujibuchi T, Kodaira S, Sawaguchi F, Abe Y, Obara S, Yamaguchi M, Kawashima H, Kitamura H, Kurano M, Uchihori Y, Yasuda N, Koguchi Y, Nakajima M, Kitamura N, Sato T, Measurement of the secondary neutron dose distribution from the LET spectrum of recoils using the CR-39 plastic nuclear track detector in 10 MV X-ray medical radiation fields, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 349, 239-245, 2015.03.