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Undergraduate School

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Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Nutrition Chemistry, Lipid Metabolism
Outline Activities
1.International Education
1) Coordination of the activities done by Japanese and international professors of the faculty
2) Support international and Japanese students enrolled in the program.
3) Coordination and arrangement of the program related meetings among the faculties inKyushu University.
4) Curriculum development and lecture module arrangement of the program
5) The program related duties

2. Research Promotion
1) Management of Research Development Platform(R&D Platform) in Field for Knowledge Integration and Innovation (FKII), MAFF
: Management for「R & D platform for agriculture, forestry and fishery export promotion @ Kyushu · Okinawa (a2bp@Kyushu・Okinawa)」
2) Construction and Management of research projects as a member of coordination unit in a2bp@Kyushu・Okinawa
Research Interests
  • study about export promoting of Japan Agricultural products
    keyword : Export of Japan agricultural products, Strawberry, Post-harvest
  • Effects of dietary and endogenous oxycholesterols on various deseases
    keyword : oxycholesterol, oxyphytosterol
  • Effects of diets on lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis
    keyword : diet, lipid metabolism
Academic Activities