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NOTO HIROKO Last modified date:2022.06.20

Lecturer / Clinical and Fundamental Nursing
Department of Health Sciences
Faculty of Medical Sciences

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

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Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Fundamental Nursing Ergonomics
Research Interests
  • Ergonomics using sensors- Development of a system to measure, validate and evaluate of nursing situations
    keyword : sensor, ergonomics, contact pressure
  • Evaluation of motion sense and daily life movement for fall prevention of elderly people
    keyword : motion sense fall prevention
  • Development in the wearable device which can estimate fall risk of elderly person at home
    keyword : fall risk, elderly person, wearable device
  • Resilience design study in the disaster area
    keyword : Disaster, Resilience design
  • A proposal of the standard form wheelchair whose safety and ease of operation improve
    keyword : Wheelchair, Elderly, Tipping lever, Step
  • A strategy for Injury prevention of Elderly in the case of Fall
    keyword : Fall, Elderly, Injury prevention
  • Front and Rear Wheel Operation Indexes for Wheelchair Helpers Navigating Steps that Considers both the User’s Riding Comfort and the Helper’s Physical Strain
    keyword : Wheelchair, Elderly, Step, comfort, Physical Strain
  • Standards for Step Height for Wheelchair Helpers Navigating Steps.
    keyword : Wheelchair, Elderly, Barrier free environment, Step, comfort
  • Slope gradients and wheelchair pushing technique that considers both the helper and the person in the wheelchair
    keyword : Wheelchair, Elderly, Barrier free environment, Slope, comfort
  • Influence of wheelchair pushing speed on riding comfort and the physical strain on helpers
    keyword : wheelchair, transportation, comfort, physical strain
Academic Activities
1. Hiroko Noto, Satoshi Muraki, Standards for Step Height and Font Wheel Operation Indexes for Wheelchair Helpers Navigating Steps, ICIC Express Letters , An International Journal of Research and Survey, ICIC International, 6, 11, 2901-2907, 2012.11.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society Nursing Reseach
  • Japan Academy of Nursing Education
  • Japanese Society of Nursing Art and Science
  • Japan Ergonomics Society
  • Japanese Nursing Ergonomics Society
  • Japan Academy of Nursing Science
  • Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association
  • Human Ergology society