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TANAKA Mari Last modified date:2020.04.16

Professor / Division for Experimental Natural Science / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. Adjustment of Narrative in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder:Relationship to "Theory of Mind".
2. Tanaka M., Crisis Management and Disaster Prevention System at Special Needs Schools during Great East Japan Earthquake, Journal of Special Education Research., 6, 2, 103-105, 2018.02.
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4. Yokota Susumu, TANAKA Mari, Development of deceptive behavior in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. , Journal of Special Education Research, 2, 1, 1-9, 2013.04.
5. TANAKA Mari, Japan and Canada’s cooperation in activities supporting disaster area in Japan -The Richmond International Student Program for Japan’s tsunami devastated areas-, Annual Report, Network Center of Education, Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University,, 13, 15-24, 2013.01.
6. TANAKA Mari, Nao NAKAYAMA, Self-cognition in children diagnosed with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder: Level of awareness in assessment of self as seen by others and the illusion bias. , Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University, 61, 1, 251-259, 2013.01.
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